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EV044 – Southwest Coast Voyage of Empowerment – CH4

By Ellie Crowson - May 20th, 2024 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Young people join us for a 6-night voyage of empowerment from Swansea to Plymouth,

Day 3

Sat 18 May

We joined the challenger 4 at about 4:00. It was a rainy day but the weather soon cleared up. Our first impressions of this vast vessel was one of delight and curiosity as we were eager to see what this massive machine had to offer. On day one we sailed down the Welsh coast to a small bay were we anchored. 

Gilby and Ethan 

Day 4

14 May

We helped to lift the anchor at around 10:00. We were then taught about the different lines around the boat. We were taught how to do an engine check. We were taught about the different buoys. We were also taught how to hoist and drop the sails we had a competition with the other team to see who could do it better we won. We were faster, quicker, more on point, more cooler and less hamster like. We did a man overboard drill, it started off wrong because the boat hook was dropped in the sea and then we had to retrieve three things, rather than the two that we were originally supposed to collect. In this massive time of crises an amazing young person stepped up to do amazing things and risk their life for the greater good they put on a harness and had to climb down the side of the boat with only a spinnaker halliard connected in an act of bravery she reached out and grabbed the first stick collecting the missing item, now 2 more to go next came the unconscious unalive bob (fender) the boat wasn’t close enough most would given up but not ESME SPARKS she reached out jumped pushed out into the water from the boat and grabbed it with shocked amazement the whole team cheered as she had just saved a life. In the evening Team ‘I don’t wike elephants’ got the dinghy out’ve the sail locker and started to pump it up. We made an amazingggggggggg stirfry. Whereas the other team made an okay pastie and salad for lunch. 

Angus and Esme 

Day 4

Thursday 23 May

We woke up in an anchorage in Fowey, we had breakfast then inflated the dingey ready to head into Fowey town as well as controlling a dinghy under oars. When the dinghy was inflated we went into town, we went to the local sweet shop, an art gallery, Saltrock, Angus bought some shirts from Saltrock, we went into RNLI shop and some of us bought items and gifts for family. Bread was also the number 1 Most Eaten Food in Fowey mainly aided by Harry and Charlie and we probably Funded the Towns businesses for Years to come. When we got back to the boat we cleaned the galley and prepared the deck for sail. As we were making lunch we did an evacuation fire drill. Then set sail to Cawsand bay, on the way there we had a lesson on knots, winch safety and then we did rules of the road for different kinds of boats. When we arrived at Cawsand bay, we started to prepare dinner, and a handful of people including Fin, Charlie, Ethan, Harry and Esme all decided to cannonball off the side of the boat into freezing cold water, they all proceeding to find out just how cold it was, as you could tell as the faces looked similar to a newborn mole rat, then Jude joined in and put on his pink Hawaiian bathers and dipped in for a second then jumped in and his face went through many phases of shock, fear, horror, terror, anguish, then finally pure bliss. Once swimming was done we packed away the dinghy, the yankee sail, and the staysail, then we came down to have a wonderful curry prepared by Mim, ready for the final stretch to Plymouth sound. We have 3 nautical miles left to go, and we have sailed 241 nautical miles already and everyone is excited to see how the ending to the wonderful journey will be.

Jude and Fin

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