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EV044 – Southwest Coast Voyage of Empowerment – CH4

By Tall Ships - May 23rd, 2024 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Young people aged 14-25 join us for a 6-night voyage from Swansea to Plymouth.

Day 1

Tuesday 21 May

We started Tuesday with a lovely 4am to 7am night watch on our ~20hr passage from Lundy to Falmouth. This three hour stint was followed by a much needed three hour sleep which preceded another watch where we were lucky enough to catch the sunrise.

When we arrived at Falmouth we did a full deck tidy and clean, once that was completed we all headed for the showers. The showers and toilet facilities at Falmouth were top tier, with huge cubicles and powerful shower heads. Once showered, most people were eager to go to Tesco to buy copious amounts of snacks and ice lollies to combat the heat, after that we wandered down the high street and looked in most of the surf/skate shops. For dinner that night we got chips from the fish and chip shop and cooked our own fish, chicken and vegetarian alternatives which was delicious. After washing up we played a game of cards and headed to bed.


Our first hour of Tuesday was spent finishing the previous nights watch that spanned 10pm to 1am. This was a surprisingly uneventful time where we saw dolphins and the sun set it was over before we knew it. This was followed by a harder watch that took up the hours of 4am to 7am altogether a more subdued mood as we were all tired. The weirdest feeling of the shift was having breakfast before going to bed.

After finally working out when the night had ended and the day begun I stayed on deck as we rounded the headland to see Falmouth. when in Falmouth we did a full deck and boat clean and I jumped up the mast to fix in place the sail cover. It was a relief to be dismissed to the showers and we were given three hours to explore the town. (Tesco was a life saver)

This was followed by a wonderful visit from my grandparents who came aboard to see the boat this really made my day.


Day 2

Wednesday 22 May

The day commenced with starboard watch prepping an exquisite meal, with a special mention to the vegetarian bacon cooker Charlie. The cruel hands of time continued to turn until the time to leave Falmouth arrived, harry wasn’t himself today as he was quiet and only ate 10 pieces of bacon. We then proceeded to follow the pre-sail checklist, under the amazing lead of Esme, who was nominated an Oscar and the Nobel peace prize for his work. As we departed from Falmouth the sea was beautiful and elegant, it slowly started to pick up wind as Harry began to sing, begging him to stop we started to practice some tacks (turning the boat in a sharp turn into the wind) and sails Esme also has managed to pull the sail down by herself, which is a very big achievement considering it weighs over half a ton. Charlie also led a team, which helped to develop his leadership skills, one of the key aspects in becoming an effective crew member. We also had to climb the mast to help flake it/cover it, which is very difficult if you struggle vertically, (if you’re short) not like Esme (he is). after we’ve landed and done all the checks and cleaned up the boat ready for morning point, we were finally allowed to go take a ride in the motorboat to get a nice shower. Gilby had also did a great job leading a team and cooking ????. Ethan has been very Ethan as always, which we love (not being sarcastic we love Ethan) we have continued throughout the day to snack on biscuits and some of fins cookie crunch that he bought at Tesco. 

 Esme & Charlie ​

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