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Chellenger 3 – YMCA Round UK Challenger 3 Plymouth to Cardiff

By Tall Ships - September 9th, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

Arrived on the Yacht at 1pm on the 4th September and was greeted by Jim, Sam and Nick. We got separated into two groups and one group went on the deck and was shown around and given a health and safety tour whilst the other group was shown around down in the cabins and where all the equipment is kept. We then had some pizza and afterwards went upstairs again onto the deck.

Before we set sail, we was given an induction on how to wear the life jacket. After this, we was shown how to release the ropes from the winch without a man off the boat. We then got confirmation that they was ready for us to leave, we put our life jackets on and off we set.

We then got shown how to attach the sails and clipped them on. We didn’t hoist them today.

We anchored down around 4 miles away from the Plymouth docks for the night and came down to the cabins and made and ate a cooked dinner.
Lights out 10.15pm.

Day Two

We got up at 7am for breakfast and a cuppa before going onto the deck. Each of us helped hoist the sails up and we went away using the sails. Whilst we was sailing, Sam gave us an induction on tying different knots such as the figure of 8 knot.

After this, I wasn’t feeling very well so I went to sleep for a bit whilst everyone had some food and then went back on the deck. I woke up as we anchored down for the night and then helped cook the dinner for everyone that night.

Bradley 🙂

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