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Chellenger 3 – YMCA Round UK Challenge Portsmouth to Plymouth

By Tall Ships - September 4th, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

3:45 and my mam comes running into my room this can only mean one thing the experience of a lifetime. We got on the mini bus and left Newark at 4;30 when we arrived to Portsmouth we was welcomed by a very happy Chelsea fan who took us to the harbour where we got on the ship and where we met the fantastic welcoming crew they are class!(so far anyway) we had a safety briefing and got a tour of the ship we departed Portsmouth and travelled approximately 33 NM during this time we set up the kit and set sail I loved every minute of it even my landscaping skills came into this when I had to climb mast. Also I enjoyed it when we was coming towards shore and me and lyas had to look for lobster nets and tomorrow will be even more fun and even more challenging as we aim to get 10 NM more than we did today this is the opportunity off a life thank you to everyone for making this what it is its awesome!

Josh & Lyas

Day Two

Today, we started off right after breakfast which was quite early. After sailing for a bit we put up the sails and minutes after that water got really difficult and the waves crashed more and more against the boat. As we we’re doing our second tack Savannah has got her fingers stuck in the witch therefore, we had to stop everything we we’re doing. When Savannah has been calmed down and checked we directed ourselves to the closest port. As soon as we got here Emma took Savannah to the hospital in a taxi while they did that we took showers and cleaned up the boat both up stairs and down stairs.  When Emma and Savannah got back me, Lucy, Evie, Alfred, Amy Jasmine, Carla and Savannah have gone to get some ice cream which was an adventure in itself as we couldn’t find where to find the place we can buy them at. Eventually, when we found out where to buy them and got them we came back to the boat and when we finished eating them we started getting ready for dinner. We’re cutting up vegetables while, Evie and Lucy where getting them cooked on the stove. In the time that we was doing that Jasmine has managed to drop her phone in the water meaning that the phone was then gone as it sunk right away. A couple minutes later the food was ready so we sat down to eat. The rest of the day was actually really chill as we sat and spent some time all together talking and laughing.


Day Three

Today, we started of the day with breakfast as usual, as soon as we were done with our breakfast we had a briefing about the challenges we would meet through the day. With the challenges came points for each team and the team with the most points would get the prize at the end of the trip. The day started of nice and calm with the sun shining and the weather being great. Our first challenges were that group A (Ellen MacArthur) started climbing the mast while team B (Laura Dekker) did a treasure hunt around the port, after a bit of time the teams have swapped around then the teams had to be in at the yacht by 10:15. As soon as we got back we started to prepare the yacht to go off on a whole day of sailing it was a long one as  we went off at about 11 however, some of us only got in to bed by half 1. The weather was alright the sun shone through the clouds at some points it has gotten a bit colder which is when everyone went to put some more layers on. A couple minutes from that we was allowed to have an hour nap before dinner as it was meant to be a long day of sailing. Everyone that has gone for a nap has been woken up to eat dinner and after we’ve eaten we had the choice to either go to sleep or stay up until the boat has been anchored. Most people have gone to sleep whilst I, Jasmin, Nick, Sam, Jim and Navel stayed up deck till the boat has been anchored which was about half 1 and that’s when we eventually went to sleep. Half way through the day the waves were really bumpy and really big which was fun as it felt like a roller coaster and we have enjoyed it as we sat at the edge. Eventually the girls wanted some music  so Sam has  given us the idea to sing if we want some music so we all started singing and messing about which was really fun. About an hour and a half later we out actual music on. The day has ended on a good note as we have anchored and it was a really good day of sailing.


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