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Chellenger 3 – YMCA Round UK Challenge Greenock to Inverness

By Tall Ships - October 7th, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

We had arrived at the boat. We had to trolley down to the boat, and put our suitcases onboard. The crew introduced themselves and told us about the safety hazards and about where we were docking later on a chart. They told us what to do about prepping the deck. We left Greenock and headed to Ardrossan, it took about 5 hours to get there. Then we had to dock the boat for the night. For supper we had chicken stir fry with noodles. We also had to have showers for the long journey tomorrow so we had to go to bed earlier.


Day Two

Today we saw a submarine,

But it wasn’t the only thing.

We also saw a Basking Shark,

Before we started to sing.


The song was quite amazing,

Sophie made it up.

Though if we’re being really honest,

All focus was on the wale pup!


Then the buoy went overboard,

But please don’t start to worry.

We’re talking about the plastic kind,

So there’s really no need to worry.


It was only yesterday,

When we got on the bus.

Since then we have seen many things,

And can tie knots without a fuss!



Day Three

Today has been amazing the night watch was cold and dark but it was fun we got up and talked about the long night and the other amazing days as I am writing I am sitting in a desk going up Neptune’s stairs. Pretty much a lot of raising locks that are a lot like a stair case also earlier we saw Ben Nevis the tallest mountain in the whole uk any way now we are heading up a water staircase and I cant wait to get to the top


Day Four

We left at 8:00 clock from the other side of the Neptune stair case. We went through loch Oich and loch Lochy. Also we had to go though many locks to get to Loch Ness today. When we went through the locks most of us all did Barbie girl and me (josh), and Hamish were Ken and Barbie. And then we parked a dock right beside Loch Ness. As well as this we learned how to chart maps with Pete. We also walked round fort Augustus.

Josh & Hamish

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