Challenger 4 – Torbay Young Adult Carers and Improving Lives Plymouth

By Kate Stewart - September 7th, 2023 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

We are delighted to be welcoming young people from two Devon organisations on board Challenger 4 this week.

The 10 young people come from Torbay Young Adult Carers and Improving Lives Plymouth.

Read the blog below to read more about their time at sea.

Day 2

Tuesday 4

We got up bright and early, and all had breakfast and a hot drink together, then it was time to get going. The Starboard watch team did the washing up and tidying, and the Port watch team prepared the boat for sailing.

We left Cowes, IOW and headed to Weymouth, during this journey some of the crew helped to tie up the yankee sail. We sailed past the Jurassic Coast and saw lots of different types of boats, and the crew also learnt how to tie the Oxo knot and round turn with two hitches. After that we worked well as a team, putting up the main sail.

As we headed into Weymouth it was time to fold up the main sail, we also had to keep watch for any lobster traps. We re-attached the fenders to stop the boat from scraping the dock and had a successful end to the journey. Once in Weymouth we prepared dinner – a delicious meal of sausage and mash, yum! Then it was time for a very tired team to turn in for the night.​

Day 5

Friday 8

We got up at 07:00 and had breakfast and a hot drink ready to leave from Dartmouth.

Around 08:30, we got everything ready like the ropes and fenders to get them off the boat. When everything was finished, we all sat together in the cockpit and got taught how to tie different knots and had a little challenge to see which team could tie them the fastest.

Then one of the watches went down to prep lunch, we had baguettes and all sat together to have lunch.

While we were on our way to Salcombe, we saw some dolphins. When we arrived, we docked up onto a buoy and then we got the dinghy out and used it to get to Salcombe beach, where we spent the afternoon.

When we left the beach and arrived back at the boat, one of the watches got ready to prep dinner, which was chicken curry.​

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