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Challenger 4 — The Piggott School (Yr10)

By Tall Ships - July 22nd, 2021 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day 2


We have been at sea for 36 hours. So far, some of us have had sea sickness but we have now taken miracle pills, hopefully they will kick in soon. Ella and Rosie stood unaffected and motionless.

We adventured up a spinnaker pole over the sea. Only Sophia managed to make it to the top. The rest of us are too competitive so, we’re going to try again tomorrow. However, Ella and Rosie are too scared but we will power through 👊.

We split into three groups and hoisted the main sail after we had a pop quiz on the different names given to a sail; clew, tack, foot, head, leach and luff. But we got distracted by the ‘vision’ of a polar bear on the side of the cliff, many photos were taken for the aesthetic pleasure.

We ate lunch, which was soup and bread with the bottomless box of biscuits that warmed us up.

We took it in turns to steer the boat across the sea. We then had a stand-off against the other tall ship boat, Challenger 1. (We won).

Putting down the main sail was just as fun as putting it up. Ruby had to climb the mast and the others folded. This was a success as we had lots of teamwork and communication 😊. The crew rewarded us with many chips from the chip shop.

After we’d moored up, we were released to wander around Weymouth and rated the best ice cream shops. (The boat ice cream shack won) 🍨.

Due to being so tired from watching the England football game the night before, we had an early night. But we managed to have a hair salon running before bed so we could all have matching hair styles. (We look amazing). 🤩

There was some dispute at night as Ella and Sophia were kept awake by Ruby’s and Rosie’s snoring. Apart from that, the beds are comfy even though they look a bit small.

Let’s see where the next day brings us.

Day 3


We have been at sea for 72 hours. Miracle pills were successful. We have created a new efficient drug taking scheme; one pill together in the morning and one pill together before bed.

We ended up not climbing the spinnaker pole again, as there wasn’t enough wind to get the sail out on the pole, so Rosie and Ella were unable to beat Sophia in the competition. Sophia is the standing champion.

The day sail was relaxed as there were minimal waves and lots of sun; we even got our matching bucket hats out (colours ranging from white, blue and black).

As relaxing as the day was, we got a quick lesson in navigation, bearings and plotting. We also got a lesson in buoy watching (some were very experienced in the skill….)

Luckily the bottomless box of biscuits increased even more; we got hobnobs and fruity shortbread thingies today, yay! 😋

We were very excited to trade the manky bathrooms in Weymouth to experience the first class (secret yacht club) bathrooms in Lymington- best showers ever taken!

Afterwards we had some amazing chorizo pasta (Ella is vegetarian though, so had hers without).

We then chatted with the other Challenger crew sailing with us, watched the sunset and re-did our plaits. By the time that was over it was time for bed.

We soared like eagles right into bed and fell asleep.

Day 4


We have been at sea for 96 hours. We were awoken once again to our stuffy cabin, our wake-up time today was slightly later because we planned to stay in Lymington till around midday. We had breakfast and scavenged for pancakes.

At an unusual time in the morning to go to town, we left the boat and took an unexpectedly long walk to the town. It was lovely and we searched high and low for ice cream despite the breakfast we ate 20 minutes earlier. Our ice cream hunt was unsuccessful so we took the obvious choice of going to Poundland to buy facemasks. After spending time on shore we returned to the boat to do some mast climbing.

Ruby, Olivia and Sophia all soared like eagles and managed to reach the top of the mast where we waved at the passengers of a ferry (from eyelevel!). We also convinced Miss Oliver to have a go too and she bravely managed to reach the first set of spreaders.

After the climbing we ate a lovely lunch and set off from the port of Lymington. We then won the raising ‘ALL the sails fastest’ competition. Our mostly ‘fully sailed’ journey to our anchorage in Osbourne Bay was calm and not too lengthy, sailing with no engine sound was a highlight, it was much quieter. 😊

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