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Challenger 4 – The Piggott School

By Kate Stewart - June 13th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Onboard Challenger 3, Challenger 4 and the ketch this week, we have young people from The Piggott School.

Stay tuned to find out what they get up to during their five-day sailing adventure. 

Day 1

Saturday 11

After a journey full of traffic, we reached Portsmouth and boarded our boats; two of them being Challenger yachts and one being the ketch. The lovely staff guided us using some of their sailing prowess, by teaching us how to manoeuvre the rope, in a way which would not inhibit our boat’s movement and was vital for the holding up of the mast and the riggings.

We also learnt an interesting “tacking” technique, which involved pushing, pulling and easing the rope. It was a tough job, but in addition to this, we were exhilaratingly sprayed with cold, salty seawater! We had the amazing opportunity of seeing a war boat! It had such grandeur and it was the size of a pirate ship.

Jack showed off his “talent” for catering, when he offered us what could have been mistaken for just water, as it was actually dilute blackcurrant juice. It was so watery that you wouldn’t have even realised it had squash in it!

Dinner was a pleasure because everyone appreciated the blood, sweat and tears that went into the cooking, which was a delicious butter-chicken curry. As far as boat-made chicken curry goes, I would give it a five-star rating, despite the fact the rice was just half cooked.

By Anoushka, Alex and Trinity

Day 2

Sunday 12

I think everyone felt a bit queasy at least once today, but luckily only three people actually threw up and two out of the three of them only threw up over the side of the boat, thank you Jayden!

It was very windy today, so it was perfect for having the big Main sail up to sail alongside the other two. Most people got in a good few naps on deck, even though it was freezing.

Sailing was considerably harder due to the high wind speeds and the fact that the ship tipped to the side, probably causing all of the motion sickness and limiting the ability of crew members who were really struggling with it. However, we did learn a lot about why people get motion sickness, which is to do with your balance sensors and eyes telling you different things.

We got to see the gorgeous coasts and sights on the horizon. Food was yummy as we had cereal and fruit for breakfast, chicken nuggets mayo or ketchup and lettuce wraps for lunch and we had fish and chips, a British classic, for dinner.

We also went shopping and bought three giant rubber ducks for the ‘who can buy the tackiest souvenir’ competition… We will win.

By Olive, Anna and Alex.

Day 3

Monday 13

Today, WE SAW dolphins. In the morning, we ascended the tall thing in the middle of the boat, the mast, to a grand total height off *drumroll* 96ft! The record being set by Monkey (the best Skipper and climber of the multiverse), at a miniscule 1 minute and 20 seconds, which still stands.

However, the brilliant Anna was the only person to successfully climb to the top without assistance. From the top, you could see: Kiran, assortment of people, liquid H2O and a local resident, Larry the seabird.

We then set sail, before everyone else because we’re just that good. As evidence for this, we annihilated the other Challenger by hoisting the sail at a rapid pace, led by Olive and Alex in the holy snake pit.

As additional evidence for our greatness, we saw a couple of dolphins and because we’re so humble we boasted over the radio. The dolphins didn’t stay for lunch, which was a shame, it was kinda tasty because it was some form of filled pasta with a combination of sundried tomatoes and peppers.

In the middle of the Channel, we played around with the Spinnaker pole by clambering outside the vessel’s hull. During this, Olive was suspended over the vast ocean because her arms gave in, despite this, Olive still achieved enlightenment and slapped the end of the pole.

After this, the art of cooking was practiced and resulted in some TASTY sausages being produced by Dino, who is a fantastic Mate and preparer of din dins.

The jellys, which were spotted by Olive, unfortunately, went hungry as everything was digested fully.

Once we moored, we discovered the fantastic loos of Yarmouth, which were so clean you could eat the sausages off them.

After this, cake happened. This will be discussed no further, EVER.​

Day 4

Tuesday 14

Today, we woke up to Pirates of the Caribbean, had pancakes for breakfast (Jayden considered Nutella and sugar), lemoning and sugaring methods were discussed and we all went for a stroll and ice cream.

We then set sail and suffered a casualty, the fender. We then proceeded to accidentally drop Eric (fender + bucket off the side) overboard multiple times for fun. He was rescued.

Cornish pasties was served by our favourite male ginger with long hair, Robert, along with many tasty beans.

We decided that the Yankee sail was a bit bad, so chucked it in the sail locker because why not? The fenders stole the best part of the boat, the snake pit, from us.

However, the fenders provide a perfect area to seat four to five people snuggly (not at all). Robert then proceeded to commit blasphemy against the snake pit by saying it was not the best part of the Challenger. Robert is wrong, as always.

Robyn and Olive did our favourite male ginger’s hair in French plats and probably injured his scalp permanently. The anchor was dropped to the sea bed. Life jackets were disposed of in the correct fashion, in the bunk.

Onions were choppity chop chopped in two ways as Alex and Olive compared methods, one way was correct the other was not. Olive and Alex went above deck to destroy Jayden’s peace and quiet in the snake pit, by making it considerably cosier and then Anna joined further increasing the cosiness in a game of twister like chaos.

Food was ready; food was eaten. Seagulls ate leftovers and enjoyed having human food instead of crabs and seaweed. The titanic was recreated and karaoke was performed to a debatable standard.

The End. :)​

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