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By Tall Ships - August 14th, 2018 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

We all arrived at the boat we got all our belongings on and down stairs and on our bunks we set sail for Cowes. The sea was calm but choppy like meditating in a hairdressers. We had some tea and biscuits like all British people do 24/7.

We made dinner and sat down to eat when we docked but before we got deasil.

From Katie & Shane​

Day Two

Today we woke up before 7am and had breakfast it was cereal and then prepped which involved running the sheets and setting lines to slip. Than we had a race against the Challenger 3 and we sadly loses but we will win next time then it was time to flac the main sail sheets to get the main sail up. We all lined up together to pull the main sail up we didn’t care winning or losing we cared about team work and we hoisted the Yankee two we also took turns controlling the boat we also tacked the boat a lot as a team to do it right. Half way through the day we had engine problems that are skippers mate josh fixed. After we pulled up to the harbour we went to Lymington Activity Park we enjoyed it a lot. We finished the day off with a yummy sausage and mash.

Leigha and Jay

Day Three

We woke up on a Wednesday at Lymington early hours. Some of us still had chocolate in our hair after playing the after eight game the night before. The ‘After-Eight’ is where u stick an after eight on your face and try and wiggle it down using your eyebrows. Some people had really hot faces and the chocolate melted and they flopped off. The people looked like a nappy had fallen on their head. It was messy and epic. Then we ate bacon sandwich’s they were delicious. We then went into the Solent it was really choppy the boat nearly tipped over. We tacked all day long and we started the murder mystery game. People all got a location and a murder weapon and a person to kill. If you gave the person the murder weapon in the location they would die. Josh killed Sophie straight away with cleat shoes. We managed to get into Poole, we moored up and went on a tacky gift hunt both watches had two pounds to go get the tackiest thing and we decided whose gift was tackiest. WE WONNNNNN. We bought an silver shaoped capital L because of how much we all wove Lindsey and some “forever friends” stickers to appreciate our tight bond of friendship :O We had some fish and chips for dinner, it was great, or was it? J and that was it… ?

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