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Challenger 4 – Splash Wiltshire/Hugo Halkes

By Tall Ships - October 31st, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

So we set off for day 1, on the mini bus in an orderly fashion from Devizes to Portsmouth. The journey was cramped and Aaron ate Rachel’s lunch because he forgot to bring any. But with our amazing bus driver she got us there in one piece to the car park. We all got off the bus whilst Rachel took many attempts to park the bus after 10 minutes she managed without causing damage to us or the vehicles. After the 10 minutes of trying to park the bus we set off to the boat on our hundred toes through the shopping centre to Challenger 4 which is also called David Godwin. We put our luggage on our beds and found out that Morgan and Jon are going to sleep in the “coffin” bed. After we had done that, we had a tour of the boat by Hector and May, we learnt about the simple safety measures of the boat. We found out how to use the “heads” (or the toilets) and you have to pump it 20 times to flush the loo. We then set sail for Cowes from Portsmouth, on route we put up the Yankee sail and those in charge were Aaron, Morgan and Iain. On approaching Cowes, we took the sail down and crushed Morgan with it, but she is fine. For dinner Starboard watch cooked chicken fajitas in a very spicy (for some) barbecue sauce and Port watch are currently wash up.

Iain, Aaron, Tom. Morgan, Faith

Day Two

We woke up in West Cowes by the noise of the wind, ready for a busy day. For breakfast this morning we had cereal and then we prepared the boat to sail to Poole. We hoisted the Main Sail, the Yankee Sail and the Storm Stay Sail. It was very hard to pull up the main sail because it was very heavy. We learned to tie some knots and also learned about flares. As we were sailing the sea became very choppy. 2 of us were sick and the rest of us felt sick. All of us got wet by the waves. As we came into Poole, the sea calmed and we took down the sails and packed the boat away. After that, Port watch cooked spaghetti Bolognese from scratch. Tonight we are doing a knot tying challenge, and continuing our ASDAN Leadership booklets. Think we will all sleep well tonight.

Katey, Amelia, Jon, Bailey, Hallie

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