Challenger 4 – South Coast Exploration Voyage – age 16-25

By Kate Stewart - August 4th, 2023 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

On board Challenger 4 this week, we have a group of young people aged 16-25 from across the UK joining us for a four-night voyage of Exploration.

Read their blog below to see how they’ve been getting on.

Day 2

Wednesday 2

This morning we woke up and while one of the watches made a respectable breakfast, the other watch washed up.

Not long after, man overboard drills commenced. The pants of power came out and left two people suspended over the dock – it was a very photogenic moment.

We then brushed our teeth before we headed into town to gather supplies for an inter-watch bake off. Watch two look like they have won.

We then had a second pasty and brilliant beans. After this, we baked and learnt about the heart of the boat (the engine).

By Georgina and Ollie.

Day 3

Thursday 3

Today we woke up obscenely early at 07:00 to a cereal breakfast before we butchered getting the sails ready for a late leave at of 10:00. We then raced Challenger 3 to put the sails up (and won) before being overtaken by a £40M yacht.

We had a consistent sail, before people started getting a bit sea sick. After a few tactical chunders (ask Bazzz), we had a choppy plethora of cheeses and baguettes. We practiced a few tacks and jibes after that. We then practiced a MOB drill, and Bob kindly volunteered to be casualty.

The rescuer was almost drowned by the snake pit. In the end, Bob was saved and all was well. We butchered getting the sails down and Katy Perry could be heard in the sails locker. The port is mid but the chips are good.​

Day 4

Friday 4

Today, we started the day with a half an hour lie in followed by bread, bread and more bread for breakfast.

We then explored the rest of Poole and had another coffee. We left the harbour, hoisted the sails and climbed the Spinnaker pole with our increased lung capacity.

However, we did not have the audacity to have a dip in the sea as it was not as warm as a hot tub. We then had a rave in the sail locker that was swiftly curtailed by a phone call of paramount importance.

Waiting on a night sail, but we’re not too far from Pompey – could swim.. gossip (café) gyal​

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