Challenger 4 — South Coast Adventure

By Kate Stewart - February 15th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Find out how the young people onboard Challenger 4 have been getting on since they started their TSYT adventure on Monday (14).

Day 1

Monday 14

We arrived at Gunwharf Quays Marina in Portsmouth at 13:00, we then proceeded to Challenger 4 where we’d be spending the next five days. We were given our wet weather gear (foulies) and lifejackets.

Unfortunately, it was too windy for us to sail to Cowes, so we motored instead, but we had a great time steering the boat and getting to know each other. It was starting to get dark as we neared Cowes.

When we arrived, we moored the boat, then had fun chopping vegetables to prepare for dinner. We ate our meal before writing this blog and going for showers.

By Mathew and Jacob

Day 2

Tuesday 15

We woke up at 07:30. We got breakfast ready for the group, then prepared the deck for sailing. We sailed for three hours in horrible weather. Mark and Harry saved the boat by pulling down the Trysail.

When we finally made it to Yarmouth and docked, we sorted out the deck and started lunch. Lunch was soup in mugs with bread and it was yummy. Nobody complained about the soup, even if they didn’t like it. Food is food and we had no choice but to eat it, or wait for dinner, which was a long time after lunch.

We went into town and got some snacks for the rest of the week and two of the boys bought two bottles of spray cream. Then we got dinner ready, which was sausages, mash and carrots and now we are here writing this blog to tell you all about our day. ?

Ellanean and Mark

Day 3

Wednesday 16

Today we sailed from Yarmouth to Cowes. We woke up at 08:00, no rain in sight but the wind was as strong as ever. Starboard watch made a beautiful, scrumptious and filling breakfast.

The Wightlink ferry took half an hour to depart due to mechanical issues, which unfortunately meant we had to delay our departure too.

Paul, the world renowned Skipper, decided that as the wind was too strong we’d only put up the Yankee 3 sail and we headed back to Cowes. Lewis hoisted the sail up while Mark and Jacob pulled down on the halyard to give Lewis a bit of a break on his arms.

We finally arrived at Cowes and had some amazing jacket potatoes with lots of cheese.

Next, we did some man overboard training with the Challenger 3 crew and Mark did a demonstration of rescuing someone. Lewis slipped over on his …. let’s just say his pride was hurting a lot.

Then, when we were clearing and tidying the deck, Mark also climbed part way up the mast to help put the cover back on.

All in all, it was a good day because we all had a turn at steering the yacht and the weather was better than yesterday.

Lewis, Harry and Rosie

 DSC6637 (4)Photo credit: John Green Cowes

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