Challenger 4 – Round UK Sailing Challenge Brixham to Liverpool

By Tall Ships - September 10th, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

Hello, this is Paris and Hannah writing about our first day on board. We started sailing from Brixham after an eventful journey up and we were greeted by two lovely crew members (Paul and Gloria) then we got on our boat which was going to be our house for the next couple days. We went over the boat lay out and what to expect for our journey ahead. We set sail at 17.00 hours to Falmouth. Before preparing tea we were all put into position to sweat the main sail. We all came together in different roles to ensure we were prepared for the night ahead now. After all this hard work we had worked up an appetite, this meant that it was time for preparing dinner and it was our job to ensure everyone had a good meal, this was successful and we continued to sail through the night, hoping it wouldn’t be too rough.

Day Two

Our second night on the boat! We arrived at Falmouth in the early hours of Monday morning. Just before we arrived, the crew took down the main sail, this was a challenging job as it was dark, cold and we were tired. Port watch was on first watch, so during the night we had 3 hour rest then after this we would go on deck and announce our names when we went on deck as it was dark and our faces couldn’t be seen. This Morning, we woke up at 10.00am and had breakfast at 10.30am. Eventually, it was 11.00am and we had to do deck clean up. This consisted of putting the sail covers on the Yankee II, Stay Sail and coiling lines. After this, we had two and a half hours to explore and adventure the town of Falmouth. Half of the watch went on a tour of the lifeboat station and had a look around the boats and station. When it finished we had showers and cooked dinner which was spag bol. (Done by Lennon Noble and Josh Turner)

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