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Challenger 4 – Round Britain Adventure — Whitehaven to Greenock

By Kate Stewart - August 18th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments
Challenger 4 has set sail from Whitehaven for the fourth leg of our Round Britain Adventure!
The crew are a group aged 12-15 from the Naval Children’s Charity. Their six-day voyage will end in Greenock on Sunday (21st).
Read their blog to find out what they’ve been getting up to. ?


Day 1

Tuesday 16

Today started when we all met up in Liverpool. Once everyone showed up, we took a three-hour long drive to Whitehaven, where we got on the yacht and departed at 16:00, heading north west.

During our journey, we did a range of tasks, some being easy and some being a little more challenging.

Near the end of our first day, we spotted a group of dolphins.

By Molly and Olivia.

Day 2

Wednesday 17

This morning we had to be up early to make breakfast for the crew. After we’d all eaten, we went up on deck to prepare the sails and raise the anchor for the day’s voyage over to Campbeltown.

When the crew were ready to set sail, we raised the Main and Yankee sails and cut the engine. After this, we kept watch throughout the morning until lunch at 13:30.

After this, we restarted our watch system and our watch was off first, so we went and slept for a few hours in preparation for sailing in the night.

When we had woken up and were on watch, we took turns steering at the helm. When we were close to our destination, we lowered the Mainsail as well as the Yankee sail.

When this was complete, we put the Mainsail’s cover on and used the engine to get us into the port.

By Zac, Lauren and Oliver.

Day 5

Friday 19

Yesterday after we went to the shops, we went for a walk through the forest to a secluded beach and went into the FREEZING cold water.

After that, we had dinner and went for showers. When we got back to the boat, we watched a movie and shared all of our sweets.

While we were leaving Tarbert, we had to bring in the mooring lines and the fenders. Later, we put up the Spinnaker pole, which the majority of us climbed up and tried to reach the top, all while we were sailing to Holy Loch, where we anchored for the night.

By Molly, Olivia and Tom.

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