Challenger 4 – Riverside International School

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We have a group from Riverside International School joining us for a four-night residential adventure this week.

Check out their blog to find out more

Day 1

Tuesday 6

Milo: I woke up at 05:00 as normal. Read in the dark using my flashlight. I also listened to some music at low volume to not wake up my bunk mates. I accidently ate way too much at breakfast. I had bacon, scrambled eggs, hash browns, sour dough bread and sausages.

We started learning how to sail. I now know how to use a winch. I learned the name of the manoeuver for switching the pressure from one sail to another. I also saw a jellyfish and importantly, II helped peel the potatoes for dinner.


Phineas: Today we started off by undocking the boat from the marina. We had to remove all the buoys from the boat and we stored them in the sail locker.

We learned how to use to use winches and put up the Yankee sail at around midday. When we docked, the Skipper decided to leave the sails out for the rest of the night. We had to put up the ropes (they were a pain to put away). We spent most of the day sailing (because we’re on a boat).


Viola: We spent most of today’s morning in Portsmouth. For breakfast I had buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup and bacon, plus a berry smoothie. After a great breakfast in Cosy Club, we prepared the boat for the voyage that was ahead of us. The first thing we did was taking the fenders off and putting them into the storage area.

About halfway into our trip, we put up the sails and started sailing in the wind. When we were putting the sails up, I was the spike, which required me to climb up on the railing on the tip of the boat.

When we got to Cowes we went to explore the surrounding area. There were a lot of jellyfish and I want to eat them because they are very TASTY looking >:(


Elena: Today we spent our morning in Portsmouth. We had breakfast at this restaurant called cosy club. It was really good and it gave me a taste of England. After breakfast, the crew started to explain the safety hazards and protocols we needed to follow. Then we prepared the boat and set to sea.

Halfway through, we took the sails out and enjoyed the wind. We then arrived to Cowes and started preparing dinner. Before eating dinner, we explored the area and found out it is really colourful. For dinner we had sausage and mashed potatoes. I really enjoyed it 🙂

Day 2

Wednesday 7

Stan: Today we were in Cowes, and started to prepare the ship to leave. After we left, we hoisted the Mainsail up.

We set sail to Poole. We had a few lessons today, including a lesson about sails, about knots and about buoys and their meanings.

Midway through the day, I had horrible sea sickness, so I spent most of the time sleeping, because it helped stop it. All meals in the day were delicious. 🙂

Day 3

Thursday 8

In the morning we prepared breakfast and the ship itself. Instead of the Yankee and the Mainsail, we hoisted the much smaller sail.

Because we were going against the wind, it felt much stronger than the previous days, so manoeuvring the ship was much more difficult.

Today, we took turns preparing and cleaning up food.

The small sail wasn’t doing us any favours and wasn’t catching any wind, so eventually we took it down. We often make food onboard, and today we had a delicious dinner.

When we reached our destination, we docked the ship and explored.

In the end, I learnt many new knots that I am using every day on the ship, and I enjoy helping and contributing.

By Harrison​.

Day 4

Friday 9

Today, we woke up at 07:30. We had bacon sandwiches for breakfast.

The water was calm most of the day. We put up the Staysail around midday. We ate leftovers from yesterday for lunch above deck.

Later, we put away the Yankee sail, it felt like being under a blanket except my feet were facing out so it sucked. We had to carry it to put it in the sail compartment.

Then we docked, took our showers and ate dinner. Today was also the last day on the boat. It was a great experience.

By Phineas.

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