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Challenger 4 – Ormiston Bushfield Academy

By Kate Stewart - July 12th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Onboard Challenger 4 this week, we have a group from Ormiston Bushfield Academy in Peterborough.

This four-night voyage has been supported by Cross Keys Homes.

Read their blog to find out more! ?​​

Day 1

Monday 11

Daniel: Today I had a lot of fun with my new mates and we had a great time. We also made a really good dinner and everyone liked it and I learnt a lot of new stuff which was exciting.

Aliesha: My first day on the boat was really good, even though I was very nervous at the start. We learnt some new terms and techniques on how to do stuff on the boat. Overall, a smashing experience, love.

Ainoras: Today we had a long drive to Portsmouth, but it was nice when I got there because it was cool and when we ate it was even better, once we got on ship it was amazing! When we cooked it was extremely very nice I was very good at making the salad! It was nice to eat. Overall, extremely fun!

Chloe: My first day on the ship was very interesting. I made friends with some of the people from year 8, which is not as bad as I thought! Then we had to cook chicken fajitas and that was yummy xoxo gossip girl.

Taylor: I had a lot of questions before I got on the boat, but many of them were answered as I got on, doing jobs around the ship helped me get familiar with it and helped me get around it easier, knowing the rules early on helped me keep out of trouble and overall, I have had fun today.​

Day 2

Tuesday 12

The past few days we have been doing a lot of work, which has been very tiring. On day one we were really excited about sailing a ship and knew nothing about sailing. First, we ate our lunch, which was nice, then we sorted our bags and got a tour of the ship, which was exiting!

Then we started sailing towards a port. Once we got to the port, we settled, chilled for a bit and went for showers. Once we came back, we chilled even more! That night was extremely warm.

This morning,  we woke up, got dressed and started working straight away. I felt great, once we left the port, we started to pull up the Mainsail. It was heavy, but we did it fast and safely!

Once we got to Weymouth, we ate lunch and then went to the seaside!


Day 3

Wednesday 13

We had an excellent breakfast of eggs and bacon. Then we prepared the deck. The bag that covered the sail was heavy! After that, we went to the beach while we waited to refuel, before setting sail!

During our journey across the Solent and the English Channel, we have experienced many adventures, we saw dolphins, jumped in the middle of the ocean, cooked delicious food and cleaned for ourselves and the crew, while working together in a team,

We had a brilliant time at the beach, while playing games and eating ice cream. We also sat in the cockpit and watched the amazing sunset on the coast of Isle of Wight.

We all enjoyed watching the sunset and became one big family and had an amazing fun time with each other.

All together we had a really amazing time, getting to know each other and doing things that we would have never thought of.

By Chloe and Chloe.


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