Challenger 4 – MOAT SCHOOL

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Day One

First we met at London Waterloo at before 10:00am. Then we took a train to Portsmouth harbour. The journey took an hour and 40 min we also got held for a few mins but we all enjoyed it.

Edward tuke

I enjoyed the train ride because I got to have a game of exploding kittens by myself so I was virtually picking up cards every time. I enjoyed getting on the boat and being part of a group. I also liked eating lots of chocolate that I bought! I enjoyed dinner too, and the day was very very very fun.

William Street

What I enjoyed today was the train ride because I just relax and just listen to music and that we had lunch at Burger Kings. Then after we started our mission. We travelled from Portsmouth Harbour to the Isle of Wight. Just before we reached Isle of Wight my group I cooked Chicken Fajitas for us and everybody else. I was so tasty. Today was an awesome day.

Sakith Lokuge

Today was a cold day but ended off with a worm afternoon. The train trip was long and boring but it was worth it. When we got to the port, I did not know what the plan was so I followed everyone to the challenger to and there was the cat and the 4 challengers. When I found out the boat we were taking, I saw how beautiful it was. I never saw how beautiful. The cat was closer to the beach then the challengers where.

Sbl dean-wales

Day Two

Kit and I did the log book, which we need to do on the boat every day. We went to Yarmouth and I had a bubble gum ice cream. It was good and it was bright blue.

-Jackson Sanders

Today was the second day of our trip. I had a rough beginning to the day – feeling homesick – but gradually felt better due to the support of the crew and staff. The sailing was phenomenal fun, we picked up some speed! After a perfect docking from Josh, we took a short pootle around the harbour to collect some hard-earned ice cream. Dinner was delicious, so felt all set for the next day.

-Kit Armstrong

It was a slow start to the day and had to overcome my tiredness and awake up. It was nice to try and use the sails for the true experience. Even do I was tired most of the day, dinner was nice and we had an ice cream as well.

-Nick Houtzager

Jackson and I were at the top of the boat and we had to get a fender out of the water as a human for the boy over board drill and we went round I circles and circles for about 5 minutes ( it didn’t go to plan )    ( oh no )

-Tom Williams

Today when we had to all put down the sails, I had to climb up the mast to reach them to pull them down, it was fun, looking at the sea from a higher point of view (although slightly nerve-racking)

-Sasha (Alexander) Best

Day Three

I enjoyed today, and the good thing was that Igot to go to the front of the boat to get k.o’d.

i did have motion sicknessL which made me feel dizzyLLL but I had great funJJJ! i enjoyed breakfast too, and having a quiz on boat equipment too which sadly we lostL and i got to spend some time with Edward and Kit and the othersJ

william streetJ

I enjoyed driving the boat and I had to go along the line of buoysJ. I enjoyed the ride on the front of the boatJ. The rest of the boat trip was boringL. We saw a chain ferry and super yacht. There was a swan.

Sbl dean-wales

I enjoyed today but the only bad thing was that I got drenched with water when trying to go up to the frontL Also that we had a long journey to Poole. We also went into a lot of rough waves which were fun unless you were inside the boat but apart from that I enjoyed today

Edward Tuke

I enjoyed today,but I  didn’t sleep very well the  night before and was very tired  the wind was 30m knots at times which made it very bumpy. I did some jobs and have learn ‘t a  few things like  to tie  the fenders on. After that I slept about 30 minutes  while  the boat was made ready   for the night . I wen to the front of the boat with the other boys  and we enjoyed the big waves in the ocean  and got very wet .

Mehmet Ozderici

What I enjoyed today was that we had Fish and Chips and that we set sail to Poole today and enjoyed the big waves crashing over the bowls.  The only bit I didn’t enjoy was that I had Motion sicknesses and threw up three times but apart from that everything was perfectly fine.

Sakith Lokuge

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