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Challenger 4 – Merseyside Police Federation

By Tall Ships - May 31st, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

The day started with waking up at 7:30, a challenge for some, followed by a lack-lustre breakfast. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Watch prepped the deck, and The Amigos cleared up breakfast in the galley.

Life jackets were checked, hopes were high and we finally set sail.

Setting off out of Gunwharf Quay, we quickly realised the fate of our cheerios and coco pops from the hour previously- they were to be painted across the deck. Waves became choppy as we got further away from the Needles, and the first victim of green-watch fed the fish. The specially made cake, fondant lighthouse and all, became at one with the ocean, as Jemma emptied the contents of her stomach to the famished fish below.

We are good England very – Christopher Morris, 2019

Ellise Hanks, Chris Morris

Day Two

We left Poole at around 10am. While we were on the boat, Chris finally got to climb up the mast and be in his natural habitat as a monkey. We sailed for 8 hours straight and we covered 66.2 miles. When we were on the boat a couple of us decided to have a jolly sing along, with the amazing Harry taking the role of the lead singer. Angelically he sang classics such as; Grease lightning, footloose, Ghostbusters, never gonna give you up, thriller, billie jean, walking on sunshine, you spin me right round, you’re the one that I want and finally old town road. Everyone had a lot of fun. The weather was nice and the sea was calm. As the weather was nice and calm nobody was sick. We put up the main sail and the yankee. We also did some downwind sailing.

Harry, Olivia​

Day Three

Today, we set off from Cowes in the Isle of Wight at around 11:30. Before that, we did a beach clean-up and found lots of plastic which had been washed up. We split up into 5 pairs and formed a line and walk across the entire pebble beach. After that, we got some shore time and got given £5 each (£10 between our pair) we bought waffles, ice-creams (Chris has updated his slogan, (WE ARE GOOD ENGLAND VERY ICE CREAM WITH)), baguettes and milkshakes. Once we got back, we set off into the sea, and held a stay sail competition which 3CD (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough) won by 2 seconds. After a short while of motoring, we dropped the anchor and had a theory lesson for the night passage which will be held tomorrow night in the darkness…   Then we went back on deck and motored more until we arrived at Lymington, where will stay for tonight, once docked, some of us went crabbing while the others were cooking dinner which was fish and chips. Whilst the dinner was being prepared, Issy put Taylor’s hair into two pig tails and pranked Carl. Now some of us are getting showers, some are playing games and others are chilling on the sofa, getting ready for another early riseL.

Taylor and Lizzy

Day Four

We started the day by going crabbing, we caught about 17 crabs altogether! Then we climbed the 90ft mast with assistance from the other crew members. We set off from Lymington at around 12 o’clock and headed towards Osborn bay. We have an ongoing game called

Boat murder which is where you get given a name of a crew member and a place with an object. The objective is to get the person in the place and pass them the object without them suspecting the murder. Chris committed triple suicide and so far around 11 people are dead, but we all know Taylor is going to win :). We arrived at Osborn bay at around 2:30 and practised some more M.O.B drills (man over board) on Oscar who is our resident fender dummy shaped like a sausage. We then dropped the sails and anchored in Osborn bay for our night passage into Portsmouth in the dark. We’ve had pork chops for tea and are now getting ready for the sail ahead.

Jemma, Taylor, Dan, Issy

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