Challenger 4 – Mayesbrook Park School

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Day One

So basically today, 25th of March 2019, we made a 2 hour journey to Portsmouth to board the Tall Ships Trust Challenger 4 Boat. We got to Portsmouth at 11:30am and we boarded the Challenger 4 at around 13:30pm. At first we all learnt how to put on our life jackets and we put on our waterproof clothes. After that we introduced ourselves and we met the Skipper, Terry, and the rest of the crew Sam, Tim and Chris. We set off to Yarmouth as soon as we knew all the hazards the boat. On the way to Yarmouth we had a lot of fun helping out with sailing the boat and helping out to make dinner, clean up and also put the boat to sleep.

Overall it was a very enjoyable and fun packed day.

Day Two

Today, the sun was shining brightly on the horizon on a lovely day in Weymouth .The tide was against us to start with, then the tide started to talk our language later on in the day. Just after 8:00 AM we left Yarmouth and we travelled calmly past the needles lighthouse, we also headed out to Poole Bay. We sailed past the Jurassic coast heading towards the one and only Weymouth. Some of the crew were lucky to see dolphins energetically diving in the water, but one of the most surprising things you don’t usually hear during sailing is the loud bomb like noises echoing through the sky and fortunately we had the chance to experience that. This was because the Army was firing with their tanks at the tank range whilst we kept at a distance away from the range. The crew got along very well today supporting each other in the times of our struggles, we all had the privilege of learning new knots for future references. But one of most exciting parts of the day was climbing the 25ft spinnaker wire which meant we was dangling over the cold blue water using the knots earlier. Collectively, we was all a very co-operate crew and the reward for that was finishing off the day with a well-cooked fish and chips. Thanks to skipper, mate and all the watch leaders also including Hannah and Mr Blair (The Mermaid hunter) for guiding us on a safe journey.

Day Three

Today was a very confusing day where we had our ups and downs but other than that we felt alive at some points. Feeling the breeze rush on our face turning the sails to move with the wind. We did the exercise at a great standard, we put up the sail and took it down fast. We also put up the sail which was a bit frustrating but we made through it and got it done. We set off sailing at 10:30am heading towards Osborne Bay

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