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Challenger 4 — Jurassic Coast Adventure

By Tall Ships - August 19th, 2021 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day 1

Saturday 14th

We arrived at Portsmouth and got on the boat. On the boat we settled into our cabins and introduced ourselves to one another. We were sorted into our watches (to find out who we would be doing various jobs with for the week) and were given a guided tour of the boat. Soon enough we set sail, feeling the wind against our faces. Once we were coasting along we put up the sails and passed The Needles, off the coast of the Isle of Wight. Here, we learnt how to tack becoming more comfortable using the winches and ropes. We were en route to Studland Bay! Starboard Watch made a delicious spag bol (vegetarian much to Alex’s dismay). We were soon to arrive at our destination, so we took the sails down and anchored once closer to shore.

Day 2

Sunday 15th

We had an early start as we headed round to Weymouth. We had breakfast, before kitting out in waterproofs. After a rainy, cold and choppy sail, we arrived in Weymouth where we walked around the town and went to the beach. Being on the beach together gave us a great opportunity to bond. In the afternoon we all “attempted” to climb the mast, which gave us great views if we were brave enough to look around. We had a seaside staple for dinner, Fish and Chips much to everyone’s delight. In the evening we cleaned the boat, followed by a heated game of very complicated UNO. After the events of the night, we met our new skipper, Paul who is going to take us further on our journey round to Dartmouth.​

Day 3

Monday 16th

We ate cereal and pastries for breakfast (Alex of course was late after having a lengthy lie in)! After putting up the mainsail at Weymouth, we headed off to Dartmouth. On the way, some dolphins played around the hull of the boat. The gusty weather conjured swells in the sea which slapped against the bottom of the boat, and the spray managed to soak James Jnr right through! Sadly, seasickness struck many of the crew. Alex proceeded to spike the halyard with renewed vigour, as the happy campers stunk out his toilet!!!!!! (Not good). He then fell asleep in the saloon. As we got into Dartmouth, we discovered there was no loos or showers.

“The showers can be a loo if we don’t aim” – Jon.

After some banging bangers and mash we wrote this, and now we’re off to explore Dartmouth. Peace out girl scouts!!

Day 4

Tuesday 17th

What a day, a miracle happened, a certain person who shall remain anonymous (but they know who they are), woke up 2 MINUTES early!!! On the other hand, Antonia decided to join the group 6 minutes late, what a disgrace. We made a slightly more direct route from Dartmouth back to Weymouth today, and were even joined by some more dolphins. No unhappy campers today! James Jnr had a nap, a momentous moment. Before waking up to meet his doppelganger, a micro James Jnr when we met up with voyagers on Challenger 3.

Since we made it to Devon, there has been hot debate around the pronunciation of scones. Scone with gone or scone with cone. If we follow Antonia’s advice, scone and caviar is the way to go.

We unfortunately can’t include a picture, but we all currently look like tomatoes with greasy hair, the long awaited Weymouth showers are finally in sight.

We had a little scare when the clew strap braking, caused the boom to make a very loud and unexpected noise. Everyone and everything was fine and we proceeded into Weymouth, before stowing all our sails. We’re currently making a curry and looking forward to the long awaited chocolate mousse game that’s been promised since night 1. Alex had 2 naan breads at dinner and so did the Skipper.

The big question is what will tomorrow bring?

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