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Challenger 4 – Half Term Solent Challenge

By Tall Ships - February 26th, 2020 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

Today we met the team at Gunwharf Quays and entered the almighty Challenger 4. We got an introduction and were introduced to the boat and got settled in. After a brief briefing, we set sail to Cowes. It was a windy day so we only sailed using the Yanky (front sail). We learnt how to tack and drank tea in the pouring rain #sooooobritish. Luckily we had most of Solent to ourselves. We stowed away the sails after mooring onto the pontoon and had some lovely fajitas. Tomorrow we will sail to Yarmouth.

Day Two

Today we got off to a thrilling start at 8am. We ate breakfast and then set sail; the weather was not brilliant but it was better than yesterday and we battled on courageously. We were all a bit tired but once we got into the sailing and really enjoyed the journey. They crew were all very inspiring, encouraging and helpful with all of the tasks they set us. As we looked on in admiration at the sheer excellence of Gary, our skipper’s, outstanding steering, we were all jumping to follow in his footsteps. Top stuff Gary! We did a drill, man overboard, it was exhilarating. Afterwards we had bangers and mash, with lots of gravy (“Hmmmmm delicious”)!! All in all it was sick :)​

Day Three

Today the weather was not on our side, but in the afternoon it cleared up. We stayed in Yarmouth for the morning working on navigation and then left after lunch. The conditions were much better and we lovely sail downwind with the Yanky. We then made it into Southampton and had fish and chips for dinner. Big up the 36 we off for a nandos fam cmon.

Day Four

Today we woke up at 7.40am, we was up and raring to sail however we had breakfast at 8am, by the time we had finished it was 8.30am and we was ready to get kitted out and start sailing. After a speedy deck prep, we pondered along Southampton Water into the Solent. We popped up all 3 sails and sailed to Nabbs point. Dan showed off his man overboard driving to rescue a buoy then we motored in to Gosport. We about to go KFC wys u coming wiv or wot…

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