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challenger 4 – half term solent adventure

By Tall Ships - February 22nd, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

Oh when I wake up, yes I know I’m gonna be,

I’m gonna be the one that Jim’s gonna tease

Oh when I’m sailing, oh I’m know I’m gonna sail,

I’m gonna sail with my besties on the ship.

The last few days have been a massive learning curve. After all, tall ships is all about skills for life. After Mary finally arrived on board, and after the laughing has finished, we all went to bed. Here, in the cramped space, we got the opportunity to get to know each other a little better.

In the morning, we were woken by the voice of an angel singing ABBA’s greatest hits. A quick breakfast and then time to sail. ‘Airpods’ learned the importance of a tidy sail locker and how to make a five minute job span over an hour looking for a sail that he had in his hands. During our eventful day, we were warned by a safety boat that we were about to enter a live tank firing range and our one boat would become a few boats, Mr skipper sir was ‘surprised that they were firing in winter’ which raised all of our confidence.

Over all, a good few days and looking forward to going back on ourselves tomorrow, hopefully emitting the firing range.

Day Two

Well today was a much better day compared to yesterday had more crew involved as some weren’t feeling 100% had people getting involved with tasks that they haven’t been involved with before we also had to lift Mary up the mass because the sheet came lose and she had to climb up and re tie the knot to secure it.

We practise doing man over board drills and we all had a go at driving the boat and we also were all hands on we had to put up / take down sails and we learned how to fold them and put them away property and we all got to know each other more and we had a lovely dinner then we went ashore and done some shopping to Tesco and now were all having a munch and jamming to all our types of music.

Day Three

Our last full day aboard the challenger and everyone done amazing, apart from the Scottish crew member who was below unwell again but when she recovered. everyone got stuck in parking the boat and assuring everything was packed away the right way we ported in Portsmouth, so its easier to say our farewells tomorrow and we all had a lovely dinner together as X expressed to be the last supper after we all had showers and now were all eating the snacks emma brought aboard yesterday and were all enjoying card games and filling out an online form for skipper jim so you can defo say the last day on the challenger has been amazing and in my opinion its gonna be some sad farewells tomorrow.

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