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A group of young people from Emerge – The Bradford Charity for Young People are joining us on board Challenger 4 this week for a residential adventure at sea.

Read how their four-night voyage is going so far.

Day 1

Monday 14

On the bus, the journey was far but it was also exciting.

When we got here, the staff were very welcoming and polite, they guided us throughout the ship explaining what everything does and how we use it.

When we got to the boat, we explored the ship then went to Nando’s. When we got back, we all got ready and went to bed, but no one could sleep.

In the morning, we woke up early to get breakfast in Wetherspoon’s, then we visited the Spinnaker Tower.

When we’d finished in the tower, we headed to the boat and ate, before setting up the boat and being shown multiple things on board, including the wet locker.

Then the crew helped us travel form Portsmouth to Cowes on the Isle of Wight, where we docked for the night.

It was Starboard watch’s turn to cook the evening meal. Will, our Watch Leader helped us to prepare the food (chopping an peeling) while Lewis was cooking and making the curry. The food was good, and we all loved today’s adventure !!!

By Lewis, Harrison and Rhys.

Day 2

Tuesday 15

Today, we had a breakfast of bagels and cereal in the saloon, it was very nice because my watch made it.

After breakfast, we got the boat ready to set sail to our new destination, which was Weymouth. Everyone got together and put up the Mainsail. It was lots of effort, but in the end we did it! Then we put up the Yankee sail and the Staysail, which were much easier, but still a workout.

After all of the work to get the boat going, we set off. When the wind wasn’t in our favour and we were going slow, we had to tack lots, which used our muscles. Then, Will’s team made lunch – we had posh pasta and cheese with sauce.

Our group had to wash up but it was hard because while we were tacking, we were leaning all over the place. We were all tired, so some of us went to sleep and after that we played some games on deck for fun.

Our favourite things were:

Lillie: Putting the Mainsail up.

Mya: Driving the boat, because of the big wheel.

Charley: Sitting at the end of the boat and admiring of the view.

Cara: Everything, it was soooo fun!

By Lillie, Mya, Charley and Cara.

Day 3

Wednesday 16

Today, we woke up at 07:30 and got ready for breakfast, Kieron made pancakes.

After breakfast, we got on the deck to do mast climbing, Ellisa, Maizie and Lewis all got to the top of the pole.

After we climbed the mast, we all went for a walk to the RNLI station, we had a talk from Andy, who told us all about RNLI and how to be safe on a lifeboat.

After the talk, we went for a walk around the shops, half of the group went back to the boat to do crabbing, and the other half went to the beach and a walk around.

When we all got back, we set the boat up to set back off.

We had to motor all the way to Studland Bay as there wasn’t enough wind to sail.

Most of the group sunbathed in the nice weather, as the others sat around.

When we arrived at Studland Bay, we anchored the boat so it won’t move.

Then we had our tea, which was Chilli Con Carne.

By Rhys, Ellis and Maizie.

Day 4

Thursday 18

Today, we woke at 06:00 and James came into our cabins and became our personal alarm clock saying “GOOD MORNING EVERYBODY IT’S 06:00, GUESS WHAT THE O STANDS FOR… OMG ITS EARLY ! “ We had to get ready straight away and had breakfast on the go, because we had a busy day ahead of us.

After all of that, we put the Mainsail up first which was very fun because we did it as a whole team and we had our laughs. After, we started to put up the Yankee sail, which was very funny because Kayden always made us laugh a lot.

Later on, we chilled out for a bit because the view was beautiful, but it was chilly. After that, we had to tack to change directions to get to our destination, which today was Cowes, after departing from Studland Bay.

When we arrived, we had to put down both of the sails. We cleaned the Staysail because it had dirt on it from the anchor chain, so we sprayed it down with a hose and scrub-a-dub-dubbed it, before folding it up to put in the sail locker. But for the Mainsail, we flaked it and put a cover over it so it wouldn’t get messy.

Will’s watch had showers, while Ella’s was washing up after lunch. When we finished, we went for showers and had free time to explore Cowes, it’s a very amazing place. We went to the rocky beach and collected some shells. We walked up to the park for a break, then carried on and explored some more.

We had fajitas for tea and they were delicious so we even had seconds, we also had cake for dessert. Then Will’s watch washed up. We are going to start our night journey back to Portsmouth at about 20:30. Everyone is looking forward to it!

By Mya, Cara, Lillie, Charley and Kayden.

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