Challenger 4 — Elms School

By Kate Stewart - May 24th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Onboard Challenger 4, we have a group from Elms School in Dover, joining us for a three-day voyage.

Read their blog to find out more. ?

Day 1

Monday 23

We boarded the boat, unpacked our bags and found our bunks. We also did a safety check, the crew taught us how to put on our life jackets and we set off to the open sea.

We raised the sail on our way to the Isle of Wight. We also learnt how to tack and we nearly tipped the boat. ? We also saw some big ships and a warship.

When we got to Cowes, we were able to visit the town. We took a walk along the seafront and came back to the boat and had chicken fajitas for dinner.

Day 2

Tuesday 24

We woke up this morning to bacon butties and learnt about the engine, while the others cleaned the heads (toilets).

After breakfast, we had a climbing competition to see who could climb to the top of the mast, Connor and Zadie climbed to the top, which was an amazing achievement for them both.

We then left the port at around 10:00. We raised the Mainsail and the Staysail, and leaned into the sea, which felt like we were flying.

We had so much fun sailing and learning about the boat. We got into the port and then went for a walk and to the shops to buy magnets for our families and then enjoyed the beautiful view in the field.

We then came back and Connor and Dade cooked dinner for the whole crew, which was a lovely curry. After dinner, we played the card game, ‘spoons’.

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