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Challenger 4 — Dulwich Prep

By Tall Ships - June 21st, 2021 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day 1


THE day began in Yarmouth Harbour and we set off early in the morning. We hoisted the mainsail and headed west to Weymouth. On our way, we ate breakfast out at sea for the first time and saw dolphins escorting us past the mainland; it was the closest we had ever been to dolphins.?

We hit some choppy waters and settled down for lunch with some Cornish pasties and a lovely cup of tea. We passed by a live firing range and heard the distant rattle of gunfire. Shortly after, we practiced MOB (Man Over Board) drills with our trusty fender, Bob. After three attempts to save our friend, we finally hauled him onboard and saved him from sure death.

Then we put down the mainsail and docked in Weymouth, and had some refreshing showers. Finally, after a delicious dinner of fish and chips, we headed to bed in our pipe cots after a long hard day.

Day 2


TODAY we sailed and motored from Weymouth to Lymington.

With low winds we had to use the motor in support of the sail. On the way, we put up the main sail and climbed the spinnaker pole. Breakfast was scrambled eggs with toast, starboard watch made a big mess, which port watch unfortunately had to clean up.

After we hoisted the main sail twice as fast as the day before. We learn the “two, six, HEAVE!” method, which is where we chanted “two, six, HEAVE!” and pulled the sail up the mast.

The First mate hoisted up the spinnaker pole and then it was time to climb. Watch leader was in control of the hoisting of the boys and the First mate told people what to do, it was all great fun. For lunch we had chicken wraps. They were easy to make and it was a ‘help our self-meal’, which we ate on deck.

There were hardly enough wraps but we made it work. Later that day we parked next to Challenger 2 and then went to have a shower. The teacher made a nice quorn bolognese and spaghetti, which everyone enjoyed, then to finish the day we played gin rummy. ?

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