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Challenger 4 — Dulverton YMCA

By Tall Ships - October 15th, 2021 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments


I’ve had some experience on boats before. I thought this was going to be just a sailing trip but it wasn’t, the trip has been all about working as a team. We saw a lot of good sightings like dolphins. I didn’t get to look at them for long though, because we had to put the sails up while managing to keep control of the ropes. I had a great time helming and navigating the boat. We’ve stopped off at some great towns, which has been great fun and the week has flown by.

I’d love to do it again, and I’ve had a fabulous time with all of the crew. There’s 11 of us all together and we’ve all had our own roles. The main things I’ve done myself are, bit of helming, putting up sails, noting down data while the Skipper sails the boat, tidying ropes up, cleaning up and cooking.

I’ve loved how everyone has worked well together, listening and cooperating. We’ve had a couple of mess ups but they’ve been easy to fix. My favourite part of the journey was helming and helping put up the sails.



I’ve been given the chance to go on a sailing trip to try new skills and challenge myself mentally and physically while stepping out of my comfort zone.

This trip has brought random people together to build up team working skills and communication by working as a team to move a ship across seas.

We’ve learned how to navigate the sea safely. I’ve seen new places that I haven’t been to before and enjoyed helping out as much as I can and getting stuck in.

I’ve seen wildlife such as dolphins and seals. Working together, we’ve put sails up and taken it in turns to steer the boat. We each had roles while sailing the ship including, washing up and cooking. I love how people that hardly knew each other have come together and been an active team with great support from the Skipper, Mate and Watch Leaders. ​

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