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Challenger 3, XF240529 – Naval Children’s Charity

By Ali - May 31st, 2024 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

This week we welcome a group from the Naval Children’s Charity on board Challenger 3. Follow their journey below!

Day 1

Wednesday 29 May

​We would start our voyage from Gunwharf Quays, this is where we would get to meet each other and where we would learn the basics of what we needed to during the day.

Before we set sail, we prepared the sails by attaching them and preparing the sheets.

We would set sail at around 3PM, we left under engine. There was no rain, but the wind was strong which caused the waves to be large making it not the most comfortable experience, but it was sure a fun one.

We were not able to dock straight on to the pontoon at Cowes so we would have to raft up with Challenger 2. We would then pack away the sheets and place the sails in the bag while still attached.

For dinner we had chicken fajitas, which was cooked by port watch it was great quality apart from us running out of salsa and using ketchup.

After that pleasant meal we had a bit of a game night including uno and ‘who am I’ then we all dozed off for a good night sleep ready and raring for tomorrow.


By Re’on and Dan M

Day 2

Thursday 30 May

After popping into to town and having croissants for brekky, we set out while the day was fresh.

Once we hit the waves, we raced Challenger 2 to put up our Yankee and stay sails. After getting moving and adjusting to the tilt some of us took the wheel and set sail for Yarmouth.

At around lunchtime we took down the stay sail, so we weren’t eating vertically!  Once our stomachs were full, we got down the rest of the sails and moored into Yarmouth. When we arrived, we stretched our legs by going on a walk on the beach. As we returned from our walk, we began to make cook chili con carne for dinner. Now, we are heading into the evening ready to relax and do a quiz.


By Daniel K, Emily

Day 3

Friday 31 May

We started the day at 08:00 and we (port watch) made crumpets for breakfast, then after the cleanup and everyone was finished getting dressed. We went into Yarmouth to complete a scavenger hunt. The best bit about the scavenger hunt was finding the best picture of a dog although in the end starboard watch won the point for best dog picture, however we definitely won the point for most interesting object we could find (A pirate rubber duck for our skipper). Then after the scavenger hunt, we started doing deck prep which we managed to sort out pretty quickly. Once we left Yarmouth, we had some fun putting up the stay sail and the yankee and then tried doing some doughnuts at the wheel. After a while on the water we headed into Lymington and then started dinner prep (sausage and mash) followed by starboard watch doing an intense speed clean contest. Then we wrote this blog. Today was fabulous and I don’t think anyone really wants this trip to end.​

Day 4

Saturday 1 June

After spending the night in Limington, we set off at 9:30, once having breakfast (bacon rolls). Once we started our journey to Portsmouth, we began to put away the Yankee sail. After working hard, we began to relax where we then had a small dance party on the deck and enjoyed each other’s company and dug into some lunch. In the early afternoon, we decided that we wanted to use the spinnaker pole, in order to climb high over the water. As we were heading closer to our final port, we began to prepare our Morring lines. When we moored up, we put away the rest of the sails and did a deep clean of the whole boat. Now we have eaten our dinner and looking forward to our movie night.

By Killian and Emily

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