Challenger 3 – Wiltshire Scouts

By Kate Stewart - August 15th, 2023 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

On board Challengers 2 and 3 this week, we have two groups from Wiltshire Scouts joining us for a residential adventure to the Channel Islands and back.

Check out the blog below to find out what those on board Challenger 3 have been getting up to so far.

Day 1

Sunday 13

We arrived at the station, only to find our train was cancelled. So, we boarded a replacement train, and stopped at Bath, soon realising that our train wasn’t coming for two hours, so we decided to get lost around Bath.

After a long two hours, our train arrived, only to get our train halted for another 30 minutes. After all these complications,, we managed to arrive at Portsmouth, boarding the Challenger 2 and Challenger 3. We made ourselves at home, getting to know our way around the yacht, and enjoying eating biscuits and drinking juice.

Soon, supper came and went (spag bol) and we prepared ourselves for a windy night’s sail.

Day 2

Monday 16

Today was a very interesting start to the day. We all woke up to feel us all moving on the very choppy waves. This wasn’t the best, as most of us ended up vomiting in buckets or overboard. But, we ended up okay.

After we all settled down, we had breakfast and made our way towards the island, via water taxi. The island we moored up to, (Alderney), was very nice. There was a bike shop, as well as many food and drink shops. Most of us went biking, with others simply hiking around, enjoying the views of this beautiful island.

We came back (via water taxi), and enjoyed our meal of sausage and mash, then settled down for sleep.

Day 3

Tuesday 17

Today we set sail from Alderney for Guernsey. We woke up to the smell of bacon. Once we were finished with our delicious breakfast, we prepared the deck for departure. We hoisted the front sails and began to pull out of the harbour.

Our three-hour voyage began with the sights of choppy waves ahead. For the next hour, our boats were tossing and turning in the waves. Eventually, we managed to get through it, for the next two hours it was smooth sailing until we reached Guernsey harbour, where we met up with Challenger 2 and rafted.

We then proceeded to go ashore when the boat was thoroughly tidied and locked in place. Later, we returned to the boat to fish and chips for dinner. After dinner, a few of us scaled the mast while the others pulled them up.

By Rob and Ollie.

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