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Challenger 3 – West Durrington Youth Project

By Tall Ships - September 4th, 2018 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

By Louise

All crew members woke at six thirty. Graham’s crew prepared breakfast and Millie’s crew cleaned up. Once breakfast had finished Graham’s crew had deck prep, this meant they had to get the sails out the sale locker and clip the sails to the shroud, then prepare to leave the dock. Once we had left the sails had to be put up by sweating, this was done by two of the crew members. Millie’s crew made lunch, this was soup and rolls. This meant starboard watch (Graham’s) had to clear up lunch. Whilst sailing we tacked, so this meant the boat was tipping sideways, this made and eventful journey, because everything was flying around. Once we reached Poole, most went to the shop after packing up the deck. During our free time some of the crew went crabbing! However some just sat at the bow. Starboard watch had dinner whilst port watch had dinner clear up. After dinner the crew members had showers. Then there was more free time up until 10.

Day Two

By Charlie, Josh, Ethan, Mary and Louise

The crew of Challenger 3 woke up at six thirty. Graham’s crew; Charlie Josh Ethan Mary and Louise, prepared breakfast, which was bacon rolls. Millie’s group; Kian Keely Ketra Kaylee and Harley, all cleared up, once everyone had finished. Graham’s crew had deck prep. This requires getting all the equipment out the sail locker. After finishing chores, some climbed the mast. After that we set off about half ten. We then had free time up on deck until lunch. Millie’s crew prepared lunch and Graham’s crew cleared up. Whilst sailing, Ferage (the pink inflatable flamingo) flew away, this meant we had a man overboard, so we had to go back for him. Finally we reached Weymouth, once we had finished clearing up we went over to the beach and some went swimming. Most had a shower afterwards. Then dinner was organised by Millie’s crew and Graham’s served. Whilst eating there were some cheesy jokes, which popped up, the first one being was ‘what was a pirate’s favourite chocolate?’ arrrft-ter eight’s. Also ‘why do golfer’s wear two pairs of pants?’ in case they get a hole in one. Lastly ‘what do painter’s put on when they get cold?’ another coat. Currently dinner is being packed away and the kitchen/ saloon is being cleaned by Millie’s crew, whilst we write the blog. Once this has happened, we will have some free time before going to bed.

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