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Challenger 3 — West Country Adventure

By Tall Ships - August 4th, 2021 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day 1

Monday 3 August

Through last night and this morning. Everyone onboard has experienced a night watch. The first watch started at 10pm and finished at 1am. They experienced the sunset and the stars. Obviously biscuits were present and hot drinks were made to warm them up. The changeover to the second watch was smooth and done with great professionalism.

The second watch was the hardest. Having to wake up and go back to sleep means that precious minutes of sleep are lost. As for people who do not sleep until late, they lose the most. Some fools even stayed awake for two watches despite the advice from others. It is needless to say that their bloodshot eyes were the talk of that morning.

The third and last watch was by far the most interesting. They saw a sunrise that is a rarer experience than you think. Most people are unwilling to wake up so early, however, this watch had no choice in the matter.

A pod of dolphins swam next to the boat curious and playful ?. The precious sight was the cause of a lot of jealousy as a baby dolphin was spotted. The watch ended at 7am at which time everyone woke up and got ready for a trip into Dartmouth.

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