Challenger 3 – The Salmon Youth Centre

By Kate Stewart - February 16th, 2023 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

This February Half Term, we have a group from The Salmon Youth Centre in London joining us for a residential adventure.

Read their blog to see how they’ve been getting on. 😊

Day 1

Monday 13

Saeid: Today I helped put the sail up, drove the boat and was having laughs when Holly got stuck in the sail.

Kennedy: I got a good look at very nice views and also helped put up the sails and chilled with my friends as well.

Tiffany: I helped pack away the sail. It was funny because Holly got trapped. 😂

Holly: I helped put down the sail and got trapped. 😖

Day 2

Tuesday 14

Tiffany: Today I enjoyed laying in the sun and not doing work. I didn’t like the start of the day as much, but it got better and I liked the shower.

Aakira: Today I enjoyed putting down the sail, sleeping in front of the view and showering in the nice marina.

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