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Challenger 3 – The Piggott School

By Kate Stewart - June 13th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Onboard Challenger 3, Challenger 4 and the ketch this week, we have young people from The Piggott School.

Stay tuned to find out what they get up to during their five-day sailing adventure. 

Day 1

Saturday 11

We started at Portsmouth and sailed to Lymington, we used the head sail and the motor to get there along with five tacks.

Overall the journey was peaceful albeit a bit bumpy in some places, nobody was sick, which was good. Before we set sail, we got a guided tour of the boat and a safety briefing to make sure no one got hurt and we knew where everything was.

We got to Lymington around two hours before the other groups at 18:20. We learnt a lot on this day, so we didn’t do as much as we would on later days.

For dinner we had curry, which was so nice, Miss Tibbey had seconds!

Day 2

Sunday 12

Today we were sailing from Lymington to Weymouth and set sail at around 07:00, so it was an early start and everyone was tired.

We got to Weymouth at about 14:30 where we explored the town for our first challenge as a boat: to find the tackiest souvenir possible and make up a story behind how we got it.

On the journey, a lot of people felt sick because the water wasn’t as calm and the boat at some points was almost on its side.

For dinner, we are going to have fish and chips, which everybody onboard is looking forward to.​

Day 3

Monday 13

Today we had bacon baguettes for breakfast and then went and climbed the mast. Quite a few people went all the way up to the top, including Miss Tibbey!

After we all went up the mast, we set sail for Yarmouth from Weymouth. We left Weymouth at 11:30 and arrived at Yarmouth at 20:00. The sail was really nice, there was great weather and we listened to music most of the way.

We also learnt what to do when a person falls overboard. After that, we pulled up beside Tenacity of Bolton (the ketch) and showed off our Macarena to them.

We arrived at Yarmouth at least half an hour before everyone else, so had time to put our ship to bed.

At dinner, we had bolognaise and garlic bread, the garlic bread was so nice, Nina had six pieces.

Mistakes were made with the cakes because they burnt a lot and one had an overdose of milk.

By Aiden and Jan.

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