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Day Two

Yesterday we arrived at Dunstaffen then tidied the deck and got ready to head for the showers, then when we went back to the boat then Iain (staff) decided to tell us we could go to the beach after just having a shower, we went for a 5-10 minute walk to the beach where we had to climb a fence onto it, at the end of the day we were all tired and had a lot of good fun so we headed off to bed and I think we all fell straight asleep. We had a rude awakening in the morning by a bird screaming his head off at 6:30 and none of us could get back to sleep so we just got dressed and went to the galley where Garry and Sam were humming and singing away while making everybody crumpets and cereal, after breakfast we brushed our teeth and got ready for a big day ahead of us. We all had a job in the morning, me and dean readied the top deck while Jack, Ronan and Callum tidied the downstairs, after we tidied it all up we set sail and headed around a beautiful island where we seen a lot of jellyfish. Me and Dean made lunch for everyone and we all enjoyed it. We sailed over to a big open area which had beautiful views of mountains and the ocean where we started to make our dinner.

Day One

Yesterday we arrived at the boat and then we introduced ourselves.

Then we got dinner went to bed and then in the morning we sailed.​

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