Challenger 3 – St Albans Sea Cadets

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Day One

After leaving at 4:30 in the morning, we arrived at Plymouth after many stops. We had left tired, we were anticipating a wonderful time we are going to have. We arrived at 11 to be too early to board but we went for a nice walk up a hill and we looked over the harbour. Then at 1pm we boarded challenger 3. We had many briefings so we could know what we were doing and not break the boat. We had a fun time rowing with the other two challenger yachts and was 2nd in the race. Tonight, we played The Banana Game which was a very fun end to the evening.

Ben , Jake , Zak , Toby , Harley

Day Two

Today, after a 7:30 start, we had our two watches clean and prepare after having crumpets for breakfast. We used our motor to depart Plymouth then hoisted the sail then started on our way to Dartmouth. On our way to Dartmouth, we all got a chance to take the helm and we also saw dolphins. We also performed a jibe and put the stay sail up. The weather started of drizzly and by the time we left the sun had started to shine, and as we started to move we started getting warmer. When docking up, we had to take down the main sail, we were taught how to tie a bowline and a round turn two half hitches. For dinner, we have two crew members making Spaghetti Bolognese with celery, onions and peppers.

Zak, Harley, Ollie

Day Three

Today at 7:30 we had cereal for breakfast and helped set up the boat. Ollie helmed the boat out harbour and we hoisted the main sail and started our journey to Weymouth. The weather was very bad which was exciting but made it quite challenging to helm. Also we had a great time on deck listening to loud music through the speakers, which lifted the mood! It was very wavy – splashing Ollie in the face several times!! We also saw sooo many dolphins swimming by the boat. Then we had some salty jacket potato which we had to drain the water from the bowl on deck. Lots of people also threw up and felt very ill, so lots of us slept. After arriving after 9 hours, we arrived in Weymouth. In harbour we had Ben’s bangers and mash.

Ollie Millie Amy Zak Jake

Day Four

Today at an 8:30 start, we had breakfast and got the deck prepared before having time to go as shore and do our own thing. On shore we saw donkeys and a sand sculpture (Shrek). Afterwards we got on board and left the harbour with Amy helming us out. The weather was very nice with a bit of wind so once we were clear of the harbour we hoisted the main sail and the Yankee. It was more of a chilled day today where we all were able to relax and have a laugh which was fun. We performed a couple of jibes where we all worked together to complete it smoothly. After we got near Poole harbour we took down the main sail and yankee sail down and went into harbour where two sailors decided to make life difficult and get in our way so we had to dodge, and parked into harbour with help but it was slightly difficult. IN harbour Gary made really good curry that tasted really nice.

Ollie, Harley, Zak, Toby, Jake

Day Five

So today was rainy… really rainy and cold and windy and exceptionally fun. Although the weather was not as expected for a summer’s day, the sailing and practical aspects of the voyage were, as always brilliant. The day started with an early rise and cereal, then was followed by the normal morning routine (cleaning below decks, and prepping the boat for sailing). The boat set off and immediately the deck was a hub of activity… the main was hoisted followed by the Yankee sails. The day then was a clean sail down to the Needles and past the Isle of Wight. However there was a slight obstacle in our way – well actually a very very big obstacle – Cowes Week. Boats going from here to there and everywhere in between, big boats, little boats and racing boats all competing in the series of races associated with the event. Yet, despite the challenging conditions and the other vessels racing, Gary – the skipper managed to negotiate the waters and get to the other side of the races… we were in the clear. After that there was a long main sail drop and foresail stowing. The crew all took part with certain members taking charge to lead the others in the challenge. We motored into Portsmouth and on our way were lucky enough to see a seal. A random head bobbing up and down in the water. The day was finished by the incredible feat of coming alongside in reverse that Gary managed to do in the best possible way. So in the relentless rain, we tied the boat up and got out of our foul weather gear. And as a final proverbial “Cherry on top” the pork chops for dinner were absolutely to die for. 🙂

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