Challenger 3 – South Coast Half-Term Voyage (age 12-15)

By Kate Stewart - May 31st, 2023 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Onboard Challenger 3, joining us for a half-term adventure, we have a group of young people aged 12-15 from across the UK.

Read their blog to see how it went.

Day 1

Wednesday 31

Today we sailed from Portsmouth to Yarmouth. We met the crew we would be spending the next few days with. We began by meeting our adult crew, before making haste with our sail after some healthy competition between us and Challenger 2.  We broke formation to begin our entry of port.

On arrival, we had a lovely diner prepared by Port watch, before doing some minor chores and heading into Yarmouth. When we got back to the boats, we settled down for some well-deserved rest.




Day 2

Thursday 1

Today was our first full day on the yacht. The day started with a strong breakfast and high morale, with a quick turnaround to leave the marina at Yarmouth.

As we embarked on our journey, we passed The Needles, a group of stacks with a protective lighthouse. The Skipper decided that there was enough wind for the Mainsail to be put up. The entire crew was needed for this, and so we all lined up along the deck passing rope down to each other.

Our Mate called for the first pull of the sail and after a large effort from the crew, we were sailing. Once the sails were sorted and a nutritious lunch was eaten, the Skipper with the help of Port watch got the spinnaker pole hoisted off the deck for some fun and games.

We arrived in Weymouth with time to spare, and so the crew had a trip to the beach were we ate ice-creams and a game of football was played.

We were welcomed back to the boat by the smell of fish and chips, which went down a treat with the crew. For dessert, we had birthday cake as it our Skipper, Amy’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY! The crew gifted Amy the beach football, affectionately named Jennifer.

Shower, hot chocolate, and of to bed for tomorrow.

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