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Challenger 3 — South Coast Adventure

By Tall Ships - August 27th, 2021 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

*** This voyage has been funded by The Clare Foundation. The young people aged 12-15 onboard have been nominated for the residential voyage by three Buckinghamshire-based charities: Lindengate, Action4Youth and The Oasis Partnership.

Day 1

Monday 23rd - by Port Watch

Firstly, we tried on our foulies (wet weather gear), then we found our bunks. Next we had an interview with ITV. They asked us what we were looking forward to. Afterwards, we took all of our bags down below deck and we were given a tour of the boat and shown how everything works.  Next, we were separated into two watches (Port and Starboard) and then we set sail.  We were assigned jobs before having a knot tying lesson. We learned a clove hitch and a bowline. Whilst we were on our journey, the weather was beautiful so we relaxed and waved at boats as they passed by. Eventually, we arrived at the docking bay near Southampton. We then proceeded to cook dinner for a crew of 15. We cooked bolognaise, ate it and then wrote this blog!

Day 2

Tuesday 24th - by Starboard Watch and Skipper, Guy

We awakened early, so early that the birds were still snoring in their twiggy and birdy paradises. We motored out of the river into the great beyond. We hoisted yankee two and cut the engine to set sail. Then we cooked a delicious lunch of steaming hot pasties and bubbling baked beans. We were taught how to use the winches and used this newly learnt skill to put down the yankee. Following on from this we started the roaring engine and motored away, towards the sparkling white cliffs and anchored at Worbarrow bay. Five handpicked professionals dived into the freezing depths of the unknown, under close supervision from the crew. After that wet event, we had to miss sunset because we were so indulged in our banquet worthy of royalty (bangers and mash (and bangers.)) Here we are now, stomachs full, writing our finals thoughts before nightfall.

Day 3

Wednesday 25th

We rose from our slumber at the early hours of 7AM, and once again had some delightful cereal, like nothing we’d ever tasted. We ascended elegantly to the deck to prepare the sails for travelling the seven seas, whilst the other watch cleaned the luxury lower deck thoroughly, their courageous efforts causing blisters on their little pink hands. We lifted the anchor and set sail for wherever the wind would take us. Our Jeff had been wittering for hours and the skipper felt it fit to chuck the poor fender into the dangerous depths of the deep. Luckily our quick thinking and supreme training led to a swift and clean rescue, but poor Jeffery Alan Partridge-Facé (RIP) had no detected heartbeat, may his poor soul rest heavenly in peace. Eventually, we landed in Portland with the bright and powerful sunlight beaming down on our red and hot faces. At first, we decided to go on a dangerous trek to the wondrous yet lethal LIDL to stock up on our limited supply of biscuits and choccy milk. After that exhilarating adventure, we headed to the beach to skim stones; easily achieving fifty or sixty skims along the beautiful blue water each. We headed back to the boat to make a delicious repast of Fajitas. Now we are here to write our last words of the evening, and we’re about to go and have our first proper shower this week. Farewell my dear reader companions, til the ‘morrow.

Day 4

Thursday 26th

The ‘morrow arrived, earlier than a maths teacher on test day. 7.30AM, Starboard gang awoke and prepared a greasy, superb, delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon and toast; finer than any cereal could dream of being. After that delicacy, we slaved under the early morning sun, still on its rising arc. Rope after rope after rope, we wrapped, pulled and in doing so completely wore ourselves out, putting multiple sails up and down multiple times but there weren’t multiple reasons. In fact we were beginning to believe there was no reason at all for our slavery. Lunch time arrived and we treated ourselves with a timeless classic: a sandwich and a pile of crisps. We had endless fillings, cheese, ham or chicken. Fully satisfied and content, we headed back to deck after washing up. A few dozes later… we spotted a lonely fender drifting along the windy, rainy, terrifying ocean. Quickly we managed to help this very wet and petrified fender, Bartholomew, out of the water. It was full of skill and timed perfectly. Skipper is going to take Barty to live on his yacht from now on, what a kind fella. Suddenly, the rain and wind eased and we continued to doze peacefully under the warm sun. Next, the most relevant point in our day, DINNERRR. We whipped up the spiciest, hottest, steamiest, finest batch of Chilli this world has ever seen, Gordon and Mary would be impressed, amazed, astounded with this immaculate work of culinary art. During the chopping of the vegetables, our young and devious minds decided to do the Chilli Challenge, much regretted 10 seconds after, especially by our amazing April who managed to munch on five bits of the demon chilli. Several cups of milk later… we continue our journey through the dark sea and starry night to reach our final destination, Portsmouth.​

Day 5

Friday 27th

We arose from our slumber at the crack of dawn. We had the same breakfast for the 500th time. We were set to work scrubbing the deck in the burning hot sun. We cleaned EVERYWHERE from the bunks to their dirty toes!!!! After hours of painstaking scouring, we were allowed to rest from the putrid smell and hard work. Then we sat here writing this blog, to make sure our story is heard before we die.

(Warning : This is false information)

“We’re delighted to see Will & Harry having a fantastic time onboard Challenger 3 with Tall Ships Youth Trust. We’d like to say a big thank you to The Clare Foundation for funding their voyage!” – Imogen Earl from Action4Youth

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