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Challenger 3 – Salmon Project

By Tall Ships - June 27th, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day Four

Today we had to get up quite early due to the tides, so we had a quick breakfast which was bacon. Due to the fact that we were sailing a longer journey, we partly hoisted the main sail and eventually lifted the yankee sail. Whilst sailing we were overwhelmed by the adrenalin rush brought on by the extreme tilt of the boat. It was very stressful whilst tacking along the water due to the intense wind that caused resistance on the sail. Frantically we winched away to keep up with the wind. Upon arrival to Portsmouth we were hit by the lovely but very humid beaming sunshine and enjoyed a dinner of delicious spag bol.


Day Three

Today was warm and I have defo caught the sun and all my noise and arms are burnt but over all I really enjoyed the boat trip it gets me out from home and then I am able to have a blast and meet new people and meet new staff members and get some new awards and then I enjoy the frill of new stuff happening like if a huge wave it get us all wet and it’s a frill.

I have had a blast and wish to come on more trips and special thanks to mike for the blast and I hope he carries on doing what he’s doing because he is brilliant he’s an amazing man and I wish him all the best and I hope to see him in more trips.


Day Two

EXPERIENCE OF TWO MEMBERS OF THE YOUTH CREW: Today we went to a really interesting STEM workshop, where we got to take part in interactive activities and learn about the America’s Cup, which is one of the most famous sailing competitions in the world. We arrived back in time for lunch and had some delicious sandwiches and salad. After lunch, we prepared the boat to leave the pontoon and then went out into the Solent, where we opened the sails (which were ferry heavy) and sailed to Cowes for a dinner of fish and chips. It was hard work pulling the sails up but we had a whale of a time.

Day One

Today was very fun. Charlotte showed us around the boa0t and how to work the equipment in it (how the taps in the kitchen works; how to use the toilets etc). Amma dropped her phone into the water when she was getting of the boat, to get lunch. Once we shown the safety stuff we went on a little trip around the harbour, Sam told us a little history of the area, buildings and the ships. I stirred the ship on the way to our little trip (Charlotte started and I took over after a little while). After the enjoyable mini voyage we had amazing fajitas that we all prepared.

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