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Challenger 3 – Project John

By Kate Stewart - August 3rd, 2023 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

A group of young people from Project John in Barrow-in-Furness are joining us on board Challenger 3 this week for a five-night adventure.

Check out their blog below to find out more.

Day 1

Tuesday 1

What happened? So on today’s agenda we set sail, doing lots of practical work, such as putting the sail up, sorting the winches, driving the boat, and we also learnt how to put a life jacket on properly for the first time.

What it felt like? Well let’s just say, our bodies have been put to the test.

What have you enjoyed? We have enjoyed spending quality time together, seeing/visiting new places, learning new things and expanding our brains.

What was difficult? Lifting/pulling heavy objects, missing everyone back home and flushing the boat toilet, and last of all Bella cried about the ladder we all had to climb to get off the boat because she had close to no sleep last night.…. Bella’s just an emotional gyal <3 xox

What did you learn? Me and Bella learnt how to put the sails away and to safely tie knots, changing direction of the sails and sweating practice.

Day 2

Wednesday 2

What happened? Due to the weather, we did not sail today and we spent the day on the dock. However, we did take part in many tasks on the boat that helped further our knowledge and understanding about how the boat works.

Today we did an engine check, which involved checking oil levels, coolant levels and diesel levels, as well as mopping the excess oil out of the engine bilge and releasing the excess gas out of the water system.

We enjoyed this because it was a nice change from the jobs above deck. I (Alex) do engineering in school and I felt like it helped broaden my knowledge.

We also folded the sails and organised the sail locker, which was physically hard and we had to work together to get the job finished.

Plus, Sarahs pancakes were alright

What did it feel like? We took in a lot of different knowledge, but it was also a physical challenge.

What did you enjoy? As it was a more chilled day, we enjoyed getting to know the group better as well as completing the tasks.

What was difficult? The heavy lifting involved in the engine checks, it was also quite dirty, so it was hard trying to get it finished without ruining our clothes. The folding of the sails was also difficult because of the heavy lifting as there was only a small group of us completing it.

What did you learn? How to fold the sails correctly and to store them right. We also learned how to properly check the boat engine and the terms of everything.

Day 3

Thursday 3

What happened? Today we sailed around the channel and went from Yarmouth out of to the Solent and past the Needles towards Poole. We got here safely in one piece.

What did it feel like? We felt amazing seeing all the scenery and other boats along the sea. We each had our own jobs to do on the boat, it was really challenging but we pulled through.

What did you enjoy? We got to see some dolphins swimming close by, so that was fun to see. The food today was awesome! I enjoyed the quesadillas made by the other group for lunch. Also the tea we made was great too, we had spaghetti bolognese.

What was difficult? The whole journey was challenging, mostly because of the tasks we were delegated, but besides that it was a great learning experience. We did feel quite sick today while on the boat because of the rocking.

What did we learn? We learnt how to work together as a team under pressure. We also saw dolphins jump out of the water, which was amazing. We learnt how the boat moves together with the water coherently. We got to drive the boat today, it was pretty cool to control the vessel.

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