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Challenger 3 – Petroc

By Kate Stewart - October 10th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Onboard Challengers 2 and 3 this week, we have two groups of young people from Petroc in Devon.

Read what those onboard Challenger 3 have been getting up to so far.

Day 1

Sunday 9

We arrived at the boat, it was smaller than I expected, but more modern and white!

When we first arrived, we went and sat in the saloon and had introductions with the crew. Everyone was very nice.

Then we had tours above and below deck, before having a lifejacket demonstration and briefing.

We then prepped the deck and got the sails out of the sail locker and left for Cowes. I liked the pretty views, but it was rockier than I expected.

We then started cooking dinner, which was fajitas. I helped cook the chicken with Martha.

My highlight of the day was having our first group meal around the table with everyone.

By Charlie.

Day 2

Monday 10

I woke up earlier than the wakeup call as I was in the watch that had to prepare breakfast, so I felt quite tired throughout the duration of the day, but still got on with it!

We had breakfast and then set off to Weymouth, we actually used all the sails today, which was different and fun, but hard work. We then had pasta for lunch on deck and continued to sail.

We learnt multiple knots and their purposes and I then went below the deck to begin preparing dinner with my watch.

Then, everyone was needed on deck to bring the sails down once we got to Weymouth. Once all the sails were down, we anchored outside of the harbour and prepared to spend the night there. We then finished preparing dinner and served it.

After dinner, the other watch cleaned up and we played cards until it was time for bed. All of us had to take it in turns on anchor watch, which involved us doing various tasks to make sure the boat hadn’t moved. We did our watch in pairs and each pair did two hours at a time.

By Lauren.

Day 3

Tuesday 11

Yesterday evening we anchored in Weymouth Bay and we all look it in turns on anchor watch for two hours at a time. By the morning we were all pretty tired.

We had breakfast that consisted of bacon baps and got the boat ready to go swimming. We had to put up the dinghy and attach the motor while it was in the water. Once it was all set up we went swimming. Most of us just jumped off the boat and climbed back up the ladder. The first jump into the water was pretty chilly but after that it wasn’t too bad. Everyone had had enough after a couple of jumps, so we got warm and dressed.

We then went into Weymouth and rafted alongside Challenger 2. After we had lunch, which was soup and warm rolls we did our meal prep and planned all the meals for the following day. Once we’d decided what we were going to do, we got free time and a budget, which we had to use to get all of the ingredients for the meals.

When we got back to the boat, we had a go at mast climbing with Challenger 2, while prepping dinner. When dinner was over we got washed up and all sat down so we could do our passage plan.

My favourite part of the day was when we were doing mast climbing, because it was fun watching everyone from both ships support each other.

By Sophie.

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