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Day One

Csaba – So far for the past two days I have learned a lot of things so as how to sail a boat and how to work better as a team with my mates. Also I learned to how to put a life jacket

Augustin – I am really enjoying my time on the boat. I have learned how to put up sails while working on different roles to make sure it all goes up properly. I have also took over the steering of the boat which was really fun. . I think that as a football team coming on this trip has made us ‘bond’ which will help us when we go back to playing football

Andrei – So far I have learned how to work better as a team to sail the boat. Taking part in such activities has made me realise that working in teams to do things is much and much more enjoyable. Our staff members Sam and Josh also seem to have a good time on this trip, sometimes more than us. I am grateful we were given the opportunity to come on this trip.

Desmond – So far I’ve realised that team spirit/teamwork is actually important and could improve our football team’s ability to perform better next season. On board I’ve learnt the basics of how to sail a boat it’s been very windy today but that didn’t affect our ability to perform, yesterday I even had the opportunity to steer the boat to be honest I didn’t expect to steer the boat for a long period. It’s been absolutely great the crew on board is also very friendly and very helpful

Keanan – so far on our team bonding trip on a 5 day expedition on the challenger 3 boat, on the first day we got to the boat and got to know the crew members who are in control of the boat, we got in to our two teams and in our accommodations. After so we got our wet gear on and our life vest on for safety and then we set of into the distance the isle of white, we all took turns on steering the challenger 3 and I find that experience was fun and exciting because you would have to concentrate on what’s around you especially in front of us. on day 2 we set sail out of isle of white with the company of a couple of London youth centre and worked on team work by putting up sails, attacking the wind by doing team bonding and putting up the sails and putting down the sails also on the second day we had to rescue another yacht from a bad engine and tug them to the docks. By far this is the best experience I have ever had on a sailing boat.

Day Two

KIngsly – So far I enjoying this environment a lot, is a crazy thing coming but I know I won’t have another opportunity like this again, when you wake up you fell so bad, but you take a shower and you fell new, the sailing it’s awesome and hard at the same time, you need to be concentrated 24/7 otherwise you will fall over to the sea. I learned so many things about team work and you need to be helping all the time because that’s the main thing of all this trip, became a team worker and be prepared to be part of a big company like this. We’re learning geography as well, every day we move in a different places and we know more places as we go. We are now in Cowes, to be honest I don’t know where it is, I think we’re not in England anymore and we are in an island, the bad thing is that there’s no Wi-Fi and the wind always blow and I don’t like it at all.

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