Challenger 3 – North East District Sea Cadets

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On board Challenger 3 this week, we have a group from North East District Sea Cadets joining is for a five-night residential voyage.

Read their blog to find out what they’ve been getting up to this week.

Day 1

Sunday 6

Today was the day we travelled from Hull to Portsmouth by train. We all met up at 08:45 at the train station and got a train down to London and then a train to Portsmouth. We arrived here at 14:55 and got led down to our boat.

When we got here, we all sat down and had biccys and juice as we all talked to the TSYT staff and got to know everyone.

We were shown our sleeping accommodation and around the boat to get to know what we are working with. We then put our stuff away and played part of our cluedo game (real lifeee), getting to know who we are killing and what with.

We were then split into our different watches, me and Bea are Starboard. Starboard watch were preparing dinner and we made fajitas, which were BANGING. After that, we had showers and we are going to go play mafia, whatever that is.

Thanks for a good daaayyyyyy.

By Ella and Bea.

Day 2

Monday 7

Today we sailed from Portsmouth to the Isle of Wight. We did a lot of tasks, such as lifting up the sails and bringing in fenders ready for leaving the harbour.

We did a lot of sailing, which was hard work but at the same time was really enjoyable. Some people felt seasick, but we all worked as a team to make the day easier for everyone.

Today was a challenge, but everyone loved it and thought it was a really good experience. We have now anchored at Poole Bay and have eaten, cleared away and are now going to play some games to finish the evening off.

By Lydia and Jack.

Day 3

Tuesday 8

Today we left our anchor in Studland Bay at around 09:00 and headed to the Needles, before sailing along the Isle of Wight to Cowes.

We arrived at around 14:30, and moored in Cowes Yacht Haven, had to clean the ship and then were allowed ashore for showers and shore leave.

We then explored part of the town, visiting some of the shops and admiring the views.

After having tea, we’re getting ready to watch a sailing documentary.

By Josh and Jack.

Day 4

Wednesday 9

Today we sailed from Cowes to Lymington. The sea was quite calm so no one was seasick today, which is always a benefit. I, Luke, was not seasick as I had three anti-seasickness tablets so it would have to be a miracle for me to get seasick today. I’m still surprised it didn’t happen to Celen because she had zero, which was probably not the smartest idea. Luckily she didn’t get seasick, I guess the sea was calm after all and I enjoyed Jack’s beautiful opera singing on the deck.

A few of us decided to sit up on the foredeck; myself (Celen), Lydia, Bea, Luke, Nathan and Jack because it was so hot. Today was probably the best day we’ve had sailing so far because there were no massive waves and the weather was lush. Before leaving Cowes, we were given the opportunity to climb to the top of the mast. We could see all the way across to mainland England. The view was stunning! Also, for tea we had fish and chips.

Anyways that rounds today’s blog up byeee

By Luke and Celen.

Day 5

Thursday 10

Today, we woke up and we were already sailing, which was coooold. We sailed to Osborne Bay, where we anchored and began doing theory work with Skipper Josh.

The theory work was pretty easy; we learnt about IALA system A and all of the different buoys and the ranking of the boat rights of way.

We planned our route to Portsmouth in our groups of four, which was cooooold. Furthermore, we began our long enduring night sail back to Portsmouth. In conclusion, we had a great day and we saw Freddie Fazbear.

By Mike, Romeo and Bronwyn.

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