Challenger 3 – Nene Park Academy

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Their four-night voyage has been supported by Cross Keys Homes.

Read their blog to find out more.

Day 1

Monday 2

We woke up today at 07:00 and got dropped off at school.

Then, Mr Goodchild drove us to Portsmouth and we met our great TSYT Crew and stepped on to our boat called Challenger 3.

We left the marina and learnt how to do some of the important skills and how to be a good team.

After we arrived at Cowes, we made chicken wraps for dinner and it was very good, very nice.

Quote of the day: “ I CAN’T COOK “ by Jayden / Gordon Ramsey.

Day 2

Tuesday 3

As we set off to Poole, we knew we would face some challenges. There was some excitement for the voyage ahead. A hard task was to put up the Mainsail, much bigger than the other two.

As we were sailing, we were taught how to tie some knots – Clove Hitch and a Round Turn and Two Half Hitches.

To get to our destination, we were required to do some tacking. Some challenges occurred, like the table being broken (Ben’s fault – although he disputes this) and especially sea sickness. A number of crew suffered, resulting in some time spent leaning overboard, a lot of the crew sleeping.

Among the crew, we were all excited to go to Tesco when we got to Poole.  As we got to Poole, everyone in the crew livened up as the waters calmed.

Quote of the day: ”I almost died, but haven’t even got to Tesco yet” by Jayden / Jack Sparrow.​

Day 3

Wednesday 4

This morning, our Skipper decided to treat us to a trip to get coffee and ice cream to set the mood.

We set off from Poole at 10:45 and put up the biggest Yankee sail. We started off very good, but then we got further in and it seemed very calm, as yesterday, but we were still very ‘scared’ from the effects of the big seas. Also, people still felt ill from going below deck (not advised!).

As a result of our amazing behaviour, we got to steer the boat; it was difficult for some but easy for others. Our wonder skills came in, which is being asleep, helping the crew to be finally in silence (they clearly missed us).

We shortly woke up from our power naps and went over to the side of the boat and hung our legs over, which was very relaxing and a bit drippy – feels like you will fall, but you don’t. We happily helped the crew with the things that help put away sails.

Shortly after, we arrived at Lymington and we had a tour of the life boat station and it was very interesting to see.

We had spagbol for dinner, and ended the evening with a game of ‘Flip Uno’.

Quote of the day: “… Tesco ????…” by all the voyage crew.​

Day 4

Thursday 5

We woke up, preparing for the mast climbing. We all did the climbing, many went to the top, while some faced their fears.

Today was also our last day of sailing, we headed back to Portsmouth from Lymington. We enjoyed the sailing, hanging our feet over the edge, and re-enacting the Titanic.

We used teamwork to set up the Yankee sail. We were due to have jacket potatoes for lunch, however they took 10 hours 42 minutes [still undercooked], so we had them for dinner instead.

Putting down the Yankee and stowing it took a lot of effort and teamwork, and still took a while and a few attempts

Quote of the day: “BIG STEVE” by BIG STEVE

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