Challenger 3 – Michael Hall Steiner School

By Kelly Field - June 7th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Onboard Challengers 1, 2 and 3 this week, we have young people from Michael Hall Steiner Waldorf School, Kidbrooke Park in East Sussex. Stay tuned to find out what they get up to during their five-day sailing adventure. 

Day 1

Monday 6

Today, we all met at Michael Hall. We than split into different cars and met at Three Bridges railway station.

Then we all hopped on the train for an hour and a half chatting in our groups. Then we got off the train and got on a shorter train to go to the port. We arrived on the boat and had many enjoyable learning experiences, including learning how to tack and make knots.

We then came into port and made food and had dinner. We then had a shower. Overall the day was very enjoyable. ?

Day 2

Tuesday 7

We had to get up at early at 06:45, so we were all tired and slow and only properly woke up at 10:00.

We turned the engine on and left the harbour into a very drizzly and cloudy sea. When we passed the Needles we went below deck and had breakfast, but since the ship was still moving and on its side, we all felt sick!

We all came back above deck to help our seasickness. While we were sailing, we put up the main sail for the first time, did some tacking and learnt some new knots. Also, Elliott was amazing at the wheel.

Because we all were seasick, we had to go to Weymouth early. When we got to Weymouth, the sun came out and we were split into groups to find some tacky souvenirs, eat some ice cream and swim in the sea!

We had fish and chips for dinner!

By Port Watch – Thomas, Molly, Elliott and Gabriella.

Day 3

Wednesday 8

We woke up today and prepared the deck, had breakfast, and tidied up. This was all in preparation for us to climb the mast in Weymouth.

We all got on deck and started to prepare for the 29 metre climb. We all climbed up and it was an amazing view, you could see for miles around. We had many people looking, asking questions and taking pictures enjoying the sight.

Soon it was time to go because we wanted to catch the tide so we could do some nice, easy cocktail sailing, which is where you just put your sails up and ride the winds.

As we departed from the harbour, the waves were very big for a short while, but soon they died down and we were able to stretch our sails to the max.

There was a massive war ship that told us to get out of the way because it was firing, it was cool because you could hear the blast of a heavy powered gun and then you could see the projectile firing into the sea.

Soon we made it into the harbour after a bit of struggle with the Main sail. We all sat down to an amazing chicken curry cooked by the Skipper and Reuben.  After this, we all had showers and went to sleep!

Day 4

Thursday 9

Today we woke up in Lymington harbour. For breakfast, we had the Skipper’s pancakes with the Mate’s favourite maple syrup. After breakfast, we went into town for a bit to explore the old streets.

Once we were back at the boats, we prepared to sail with our bought items. Once at sea, we started to do Spinnaker pole climbing, which is where you get a massive golden pole halfway up and horizontal to the mast, then you get a taught rope to the end.  You climb upside down to the end of the pole and up at the top, you have the sea gushing underneath you. It is very enjoyable.

After we finished Spinnaker pole climbing, we carried on sailing for a couple of hours before we dropped anchor in Osborne bay, had dinner and prepared for night sailing.

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