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Challenger 3 – Michael Hall School

By Tall Ships - May 16th, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

Today we sailed from the breath taking plane of Portsmouth harbour to the isle of white taking 1 and a half hours, along treacherous seas and staggering waves. The road was rough but we pulled through, only then to receive a  nice dinner of fish and chips and jellyfish watching TV in the English channel south coast radio station 1464382879609649 is lit innit fan whilst eating fizzy pops and candy kittens while betting on kangaroos and ipping———–.lujn

Day Two

Today was sick, so many people threw up, but only 5 of us didn’t. The journey was incredibly rough and we were sailing at a speed of 15 knots and the boat was at an incredible 40 degrees. Morris was so sick he spewed his food and went to his bunk to sleep. Lucas barfed 11 times, but was fine after a banana. Oto on the other hand threw up in the cockpit and made Arielle chuck up. Sam and I were ok all though we got soaked from sea foam while looking over the side for sharks. We saw 2 dolphins and 1 flying fish! We beat the other boat to France and then tried to go crab fishing but failed as soon as Sam wrecked everything by lobbing the string into the sea! Only next to chuck in the chicken to ‘’attract the crabs’. Well .that is all for today…

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