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Challenger 3 – Michael Hall School – XF240422

By Ellie Crowson - April 24th, 2024 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

We are happy to welcome Michael Hall School for a 5-night voyage. Follow their journey below. 

Day 1

Monday 22 April

Today we had a lot of fun learning about setting up the boat. The crew was really friendly and cheerful. We played Taylor Swift on the speaker whilst we were sailing. The Cool Peas group had lots of trouble with washing up. They think Tall Ships should invest in a dishwasher. The Cool Beans are OBVIOUSLY a better group (the Cool Peas don’t agree). For dinner we had Fajitas. Mr Friedman is here eating our leftovers because the boys ate all the food on Challenger 4.

We learnt some new knots, the clove hitch knot and the round turn and two half hitches knots. This meant that just before we came into port we were able to help lower the fenders, using the clove hitch knot to secure the fenders in place.

The cool beans group were in charge of preparing supper while the cool peas group then had to do the washing up afterwards.

This was written by the cool beans group.

Day 2

Tuesday 23 April

Hi guys!  We are having a great time. We are the cool peas group. [not the cool beans from yesterday]. Today we did some more exciting things. We put up sails and took them down, and we learnt a new knot. We discovered that we have the best crew, [or the other girls at least]. Skipper Sophie is very fun, Watch leader riley is bonkers but nice, and First mate mark is very helpful and very friendly. Some of us discovered that you can put your hands through the portholes from the bedroom side, and grab people’s ankles. We met our skippers emotional support ducks and pug which are very cute. A couple people felt a bit sick but we got over it quickly. Cya!!!!!

The cool peas. xxx

Day 3

Wednesday 24 April

Hello people! This morning we had a Staysail Competition between the two watches. Each person had a go at pulling the staysail up as fast as they could. The team with the lowest average speed won a packet of kit-kats. The Cool Beans won by 4 seconds.

Then the grown-ups had a staysail competition, and we had to guess who could do it the quickest. If we guessed correctly they had to cook and wash up from lunch. We guessed correctly, Mr Room won.

We had a ‘mindful moment’ which DEFINITELY wasn’t sunbathing.

Whilst we were in Lymington we visited a toy shop and bought Sophie a rubber duck named Saggy Krankenhausen Junior. Which was named after our boat The Saggy Krankenhausen.

At dinner time, Mr Room revealed that he hadn’t been a vegetabletarian all along, we felt deceived, but also found it very funny. Mr Room told us that he had been too scared to tell Sophie that there had been a mistake in the paperwork. So he hid the truth until today. The grown ups knew before we did. At dinner they secretly swapped the vegetabletarian sausages for normal sausages so that Mr Room could eat meat. Halfway through dinner he said that these were the best vegetabletarian suasages he’d ever had. We all realized that those were meat sausages. We panicked that we had accidently fed him meat. He then revealed the truth.

After dinner we had an inter-boat quiz between the Cool Beans and the newly renamed Cool Lentils. The prize was another bag of kit-kats. We are in susupense as we won’t know the result until tomorrow morning.

This was written by the Cool Beans team.​

Day 4

Thursday 25 April

We had some pretty awesome highlights but we had some difficult lowlights. The highlights were being rolled up the side of the boat in a big blue dorito looking thingy so we could learn what to do with a MOB [man over board] that has a broken neck, and drawing pictures on the whiteboard. The difficult parts however, were being made to wash up, and being told our behaviour was being put in a report.

After being on the boat for a while it nice to notice the way we know what to do without being told when we are mooring because you get a nice feeling of “been there done that!“ which makes you realise how much you have learned in only a few days. Some of us are very disappointed its nearly over. Today we had loads of fun singing and jumping and dancing to our favourite tunes and songs, and its double the fun when the crew joins in. our boat has an obsession with ducks, so the duck song is a fave. Tonight is superexciting because we are doing a night sail which means we sail in the dark. We won’t actually be sailing though we just use a motor. Anyway, we are off to the deck!

Adios mis amigos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caio adios we’re done!! [ check out anne-maries song caio adios to understand joke]

Ps. We are the cool lentils xxx​

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