Challenger 2 – Mayesbrook Park School

By Kate Stewart - June 29th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

A group from Mayesbrook Park (an alternative provision school), in Dagenham are joining us onboard Challenger 2, for a four-night voyage.

Check out their blog to see their latest updates. 😊

Day 2

Tuesday 28

On a day that saw showers, sunshine and quite a bit of wind, the crew learnt to put up sails, drive the mighty Challenger yacht and help each other make tea and chicken for supper.

Although a couple of people we seasick, this was swiftly put behind us when we anchored in Studland bay, blew up the dingy and went for a swim.

Almost everyone had a go, even if the water was a little cold. We are in Poole tonight and it’s bike night, so lots of machines to look at.

Portland is the plan for tomorrow and perhaps we will see a dolphin or two.

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