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Challenger 3 – Little Ilford Youth Zone

By Tall Ships - November 1st, 2019 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

Us young youthers started at the mini bus and it was a 2 hour journey, eventually we made it at our destination at Portsmouth. Once we made it to Portsmouth we got something to munch on, then we got to the boat and had to learn the safety rules. The boat is called challenger 3 and we had to learn different parts of the boat, then we learned how to steer the boat and how to release it. After a few hours we left Portsmouth at 4:00 then we reached the isle of white at (Cowes). At 6:30 we ate sausages, mash and carrots then we cleared up and washed our plates ready for the next day.

Day Two

Today, was a very long day we all had to wake up at seven o clock and head to the showers.

After showering we had our breakfast, then we put on our jackets and life jackets and got everything ready and sailed off. We also had to put on the sails .in my opinion pulling the sails was very difficult but we got there in the end. Some of us youthers started feeling very sick. We had belly aches and headaches and some of us even vomited. My belly was hurting so much that it felt like if someone was pulling pout my intestines, so I had to take a very long nap to help my belly feel better. Everyone else was trying to conquer their sickness.5 mins before we arrived we had to put the sails away and get everything ready to park the boat so we got out the sausage fenders and the ball fenders tied up some ropes and put them back in the hutch and we had to put the sails back in the bag and in the hatch. I also, made dinner for everyone .me and Kelsey cut the onions and serinna and satiyan cut the carrots and garlic. I stirred the meat, onions,garlic,cornmeast tomato puree and Bolognese sauce. We made two one was vegetarian and the other was a normal delicious Bolognese. Today was very interesting day, I would rate today a four out of ten because I wasn’t feeling to well and I felt so tired but hopefully tomorrow will be so much better and we get to wake up at eight .we will also be doing some fun activities ,I can’t wait.

Day Three

Today we went on the mast 91 feet tall and then Kelsey and Satyam went to Tesco to pick up our food for lunch. After we had to vs challenger 4 and then they mischievously won dinghy race . And we celebrated there beautiful victory and we cooked fish and chips for dinner and after dinner we played a quiz and port and starboard both won as a team. And now were going to have a shower.

Day Four

Today we woke up at 6am and we had to quickly put on waterproofs, then we went to the deck to set up everything ready to sail to get back to Portsmouth. We had breakfast around 9am then a few people started feeling sick because we hit the rapid waves again. After a while we went past Cowes and we put the anchor out while we went to eat lunch after that around 4pm we went back to the deck to sail again and then finally reached Portsmouth at 6pm.

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