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Challenger 3 – LIMES COLLEGE

By Tall Ships - August 14th, 2018 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Day One

Today the trip took 1hr 30mins to get fully here 1hr in the trip to the boat we stop at a petrol station to get lunch and a drink 30 minutes later we are here in Portsmouth it took 5 minutes to walk here from the car park and 2hr to start to set sail to go on the ocean across the isle of Wight the activates we did were set sail/put the lines and fenders away/ hosted the main sail/ some people drove the boat / some people prepared dinner / now we are washing up and doing the blog and watching the sun set ……..

Your sincerely

Luna Mulholland

Max obrian

Day Two

Today the 10th of July we got politely awakened at 7.30. We woke up got ready and before we knew it its coming home (our team name) set up the breakfast ready for 8oclock. After that we split teams one washed up and one got ready to prep the deck. Later the day we anchored the boat and foot pumped the small inflatable boat and jumped in to the bright blue sea. We the pulled in the anchor and pulled up the sails and sailed to the isle of white. During the time we learn to tack.

By Kerry Ann

Day Three

We woke up and had bacon for breakfast, Showered. Then Franki Kerry and Eric went up to the top of the mast! It was scary but at the same time really exciting. After mast climbing we set sail to Lymington. We had spag bol cooked by all the team. Now we are off to watch the football. Its coming home its coming home its coming!!!

Coming Home Watch

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