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Challenger 3 – King Edward’s School

By Kate Stewart - July 6th, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

A group from King Edward’s School, in Bath, are joining us for a four-night residential adventure onboard Challenger 3 this week.

Read their blog to find out what they’ve been getting up to so far!

Day 1

Monday 4

We arrived at Gunwharf Quays at 11:00 and made our way onto the boat after being greeted by a very enthusiastic crew.  We made ham baguettes for lunch and learnt about the boat we would be living on for the next five days.

We were let out to explore GWQ and took in the scenery while eating ice cream. We arrived back on the boat at 17:00 and made a delicious chicken curry for dinner. We worked as a team to prepare dinner and then get the deck ready for our night voyage.

We hoisted the Mainsail in good time after leaving the pontoon and saying goodbye to dry land for the next 12 hours. We split off into our two watches and took it in turns to spend three hours out on deck helming and keeping our eyes peeled for passing ships.

After some seasickness from a few members of the crew, despite being exhausted, we got used to the motion and enjoyed observing the glittering stars that shone in the night.

At around 06.30, we arrived in Alderney, we quickly dropped the Mainsail and put the boat to sleep. Then it was time for breakfast and a briefing for the next day.

By Meg, Betty and Nell.

Day 2

Tuesday 5

Alderney awaits…

Despite our restless night at sea, including excess vomiting and little sleep, we took in the picturesque scenery and beautiful sunrise. After our journey, we arrived at Alderney at around 06:00, just in time for an early breakfast on the boat. We packed up our gear from the previous night’s journey and prepared to travel onshore.

We travelled to the mainland on a water taxi, which took us to the harbour. The boys, girls and teachers split up on their own discoveries of the island. The girls and teachers explored the island by bike, visiting many attractions. However, us boys walked and explored the Braye Bay area including the oblique yet interesting Ex-Nazi Fort Albert.

We discovered many hidden gems, such as the old war bunkers built during World War II. After that, we trekked up the hill for lunch in St. Anne at Jacks Café. Despite failed efforts to try and hire bikes, we walked back down the hill to the beach. We later found an excellent relaxing spot where we spent a couple hours before heading back to the boat.

Due to the fish and chip shop being closed, we prepared and enjoyed a Pasta Bolognese before a brief but enjoyable singing session with Mr Drury. Eventually settling down and sleeping after a long day.

By Sam and Jasper.​

Day 3

Wednesday 6

We woke up in Braye Bay in Alderney, sunlight beaming in through the portholes. We rose promptly at around 06:45 and after a breakfast of bacon baps, we set the sails and set a course for St Peter’s Port, in Guernsey.

We arrived at our destination around midday after a calm and gentle sail. Dolphins were sighted, and we sailed alongside a patrolling warship named HMS Servern. We tried in vain to fish, but to no avail! When we arrived in Guernsey, after squeezing our way into the harbour between many sailboats and yachts, we all packed up the sails.

Port watch then went about making lunch for the crew, which was pasta with tomato sauce, as Starboard watch sneaked back up on deck to fix the others’ terrible sail-packing! After lunch. Starboard and Port watches went into the town centre, and split into two groups to explore the area.

The two watches were set the inter-watch competitive task of finding a tacky souvenir in the town to represent something that had happened to them that was significant and relevant to the sailing, with only three quid!

The two watches explored much of the town, went out to the beaches and the sea-pools in the glorious weather. We later went up the nearby hills to further explore the island and its shops, and travelled around the coastline visiting multiple beaches, as well as a War History Museum along the way.

The two watches then went back to the Challenger 3 at 17:30 or 18:00, depending on if they were cooking the dinner or not, which was fish and chips. Some members of the watch ate on the deck as the sun began to set and did some fishing (although it was unsuccessful, as was the pattern that day).

Today was a very fun day for the whole crew!

By Milo and Felix.

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