Challenger 3 – Ken Stimpson Community School

By Kate Stewart - June 21st, 2022 | Posted in Voyager blogs No comments

Joining us onboard Challenger 3 this week for a four-night residential adventure, we have a group of pupils from Ken Stimpson Community College in Peterborough.

Read their blog to find out more.

Day 1

Monday 20

We arrived at the boat at midday, settled in quickly and got to know the place. We a few talks about safety and explored the boat. The toilet is in good condition, I just think it’s a bit difficult for people to flush.

We got to know the whole crew really well and they all seem really nice and fun to be with.

The boat is quite spacious considering the size. Cooking was quite hard in the small kitchen, but we got used to it after a while.

We sailed from Portsmouth to Yarmouth, which took about two hours and we put the sail up ourselves.

It was a very nice experience.

By Kelbie and Chanelle.

Day 2

Tuesday 21

The day began with the early birds; Amy, Kase, Summer and Rachel preparing breakfast for all, and at 08:00 everyone else woke up to eat, apart from Hannah, who took ages to wake up!

After Hannah finished eating, Kase and Amy cleaned up while Port watch got the deck ready for the day. Everyone then got told the daily plan and got ready to sail (sun cream, outfit changes, life jackets, etc.)

We got taught how to put the Mainsail up, which was very hard and tiring work. Then we had a little break for lunch.

After lunch, some people learnt how to drive the boat. After that, we learnt about flares and different types of knots. Lots of people fell asleep on the bow and tanned/burned.

When we got to port, we set the boat then went to the beach. Some people went to get showers and others went to find ice cream, but failed.

For dinner, we had fish and chips! After dinner, we went to the shop and finally found ice cream, before coming back to the boat. Then, we got ready for bed and went to sleep.

Day 3

Wednesday 22

After eating cereal for breakfast at around 08:00 in Weymouth, we had the opportunity to climb the mast. Most of the group got all the way to the top, but there was no pressure for anyone who didn’t make it that far. It is 95ft tall after all!

At around midday we set sail and we eventually got to put up all three of the sails, which we hadn’t been able to do previously. It’s safe to say that this took a whole lot of teamwork with both watches being involved!

Tonight, we didn’t go to a port for the evening, instead anchoring in Studland Bay. This also introduced a new role for us, because we all had to take it in turns to do an anchor watch in pairs after dinner, which was very different to our other duties throughout the day!

After a very busy day, bedtime was very welcomed (by some of us at least!).​

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